==== 29th March 2018
==== The Weyr's unwelcome guests have gone.

OOC Date 29th March 2018
Summary The Weyr's unwelcome guests have gone.

The Announcement

It seems weyrleadership got tired of waiting for the refugees to come out at their own speed and so Jaguar took the matter into their own hands. Since D'wane was involved, of course it involved BACON. An impromptu early morning cook out was set up in the hallway in front of the candidates barracks. Much drinking and much eating were had by the riders, although the refugees proved a bit more reluctant - but the wing was prepared to be there for hours if necessary. It wasn't too necessary once one of the bored bronzeriders started sending in firelizards to 'encourage' the 'guests' to come out. Whether it was the smell of bacon or the desire to get away from divebombing firelizards covered in rotten fish, the barracks have finally been vacated! The temporary occupants have been transported back to Black Rock, with some building supplies to help them get started on recreating their homes.

Meanwhile, less happy news from the Infirmary, where another of the sick Tiglon riders has died and one remains critical; their wingsecond is well on his way to recovery. But the day after the Black Rock people went back, there was another group of very sick people, this time three riders from Jaguar and a couple of guards. One guard has died, and one of the riders is said to be sinking.

These events have shattered the fragile peace in the Lower Caverns. Ardstelle was incensed when fingers were pointed at her breakfast pastries, which all the latest victims had recently eaten (along with most of the rest of the Weyr!). Laeiva is visibly distressed that her son-in-law has taken his little daughter back to Black Rock, and she's been seen moping round the Candidate Barracks, the Library, and various other unlikely parts of the Weyr. Even though it wasn't Laeiva who mentioned the pastries or Ardstelle who ousted the Black Rock contingent, being mad at each other seems to satisfy both of them!