==== 12th March 2018
==== The sickness at Southern is hitting hard.

OOC Date 12th March 2018
Summary The sickness at Southern is hitting hard.

The Announcement

The Black Rock folk are still living in the Candidate Barracks. Somehow, news of their arrival has reached SBH, and word has come that as people who sabotage their own boat can't be genuine settlers, they are no longer welcome to go there. Curiously, there are now over 40 of them, and some have been seen around the lower caverns and even outside. Is someone helping more people take advantage of the Weyrs hospitality? It's not as if a few extra pairs of hands couldn't be useful right now!

The illness - or whatever it is - is growing worse, and the situation is becoming very grave. Whilst most attacks are short, there are still a lot of sick people. A number of them now seem to have the problem in chronic form, with stomach pain, weakness, tiredness, diarrhoea and nausea supplemented after a while by discoloured skin. A few have more acute symptoms, and the infirmary has several seriously ill patients. There's also concern over a stablehand, Vorgon, whos not been seen since he left work complaining of feeling unwell.

Additional healers have been requested from the Healer Hall to cope with the number of sick as well as investigate the cause of the symptoms. Whether the cause is an infection or something in the environment remains a cause for heated debate, but investigation of the kitchens and water supply continues. The disappearance of a book on toxic substances from the healers' library might have hampered progress - if they'd been able to find anything. The Weyr continues to fight Thread, but there's been speculation that some Wings may not be viable if anyone else gets ill.

At least Laeiva has resumed her duties as headwoman. And her temporary truce with Ardstelle is holding…

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