==== 6th March 2018
==== A boat arrives from Black Rock

OOC Date 6th March 2018
Summary A boat arrives from Black Rock

The Announcement

It looked as if history might repeat itself when a boat, laden with passengers and low in the water, approached the Cove near Southern's Beach. In fact, she was safely beached, and more than thirty passengers were helped ashore. They were from Black Rock and claimed to be en route to Southern Barrier Hold when the boat sprang a leak.

Weyrleader Va'os offered onward transport to SBH, and the travellers were given temporary lodging in the Candidate Barracks. However, they're still at the Weyr and refusing to leave. The boat can be seen in the Cove, and the crew don't seem to be making much progress with repairs - though there's now a much larger hole in the bottom where the damaged planks have been removed.

However, given what else is going on at storm-damaged Southern, it's a wonder that they want to stay! The number of people at the Weyr who are affected by the mysterious stomach upsets has risen, and some seem to have a more chronic version, or don't fully recover from an initial attack but continue to experience stomach pain, weakness, tiredness, diarrhoea and nausea. Wings are becoming severely stretched because of sick riders. Healers are working overtime, treating the victims and trying to work out a cause, and other crafters are also being roped in to investigate. Is it a bug going round, something in the air or water, or somehow the result of how food is prepared? One thing's certain: it's achieved the impossible by uniting Laeiva and Ardstelle in shared outrage against any suggestion that poor food hygiene could be responsible - at least in public!

OOC: If you've a crafter who could be involved in investigating the mystery sickness, feel free to get stuck in! Also, check out the plot page for further RP ideas, adoptables and character concepts.