==== March 9th 2016
==== A TP update!

OOC Date March 9th 2016
Summary BYOA TP Update!

The Announcement

Date: Wed Mar 9 20:04:38 2016 PST
From: Lisette (#27890)
To: *Southern Weyr (#7343)
Subject: BYOA TP Updates

A Plot Update

Here's a brief rundown of some TP points that your character may know about/things going on. :D

1) The two men captured at the party were interrogated and initially weren't interested in doing a tell all, but some information was revealed: The man is convinced he knows R'ik from somewhere. The roughly copied map is of the Southern Catacombs, a warren of manmade tunnels underneath the weyr and into the surrounding mountainside. They were moving stolen goods when K'lir stumbled upon them during the party.

2) Serval's Arianne and Lisette gave the two men a little something extra in the form of Caelth's bad attitude. While the approach was unorthodox it gleaned the name of the third man, supposedly Sven's killer. Jude of the Krauss Caravan. A trader? Ex-trader? The facts aren't certain. Serval will begin sweeping the area for any information that can be found on him.

3) With knowledge of smugglers moving stolen goods through the shadow of Southern Weyr, Lynx has been on a high alert to ferret those people out and try and return some of those things back to their rightful owners.

4) The other wings are also on high alert. With smugglers and murderers roaming the jungles, no where is safe. Ocelot has been running search and rescue operations up and down the river, presumably these are just practice… right? Or is it a covert move to make their own hunt seem less obvious? Meanwhile, Jaguar has been mysteriously silent in their own plans. Business as usual or…?

There! Also, if you haven't, you should check out those catacomb rooms. There's some cool stuff in there. ;)