==== 31st March 2018
==== Alarming discoveries lead to precautions and suspicions.

OOC Date 31st March 2018
Summary Alarming discoveries lead to precautions and suspicions.

The Announcement

Drink your Klah BLACK! Or at least unsweetened…because you won't have a choice! After an alarming discovery made by Amani, Alyna, Elonoora and her friend Poedea in the Stores involving the mixing of tunnelsnake poison with sweetener, ALL of it has been pulled from the living cavern, Nighthearth, and anywhere else that gets its supply from the Stores. This also means…no desserts until a new supply of sweetener comes through. Oh, and apparently the butter was also "off", so that's gone for the moment as well. There may be talk of salt disappearing from the tables soon, too, just in case. Meat, veggies, and fruits are the order of the day for sustenance until the mixup gets sorted, and while it's not ideal, at least no one will be getting sick anymore…right?

Meanwhile, Headwoman Laeiva has suspiciously gone missing, with neither Mayte nor Amani being able to locate her in the Weyr or reach her by firelizard. Hopefully she'll turn up soon…though she'll certainly be in for a lot of questions when she does.