==== 15th February 2018
==== Something fishy?

OOC Date 15th February 2018
Summary Something fishy?

The Announcement

Headwoman Laeiva has requested a sevenday or two of leave to visit her daughter at Black Rock with the news of her son S'vian's death. Who's to take charge in the kitchens? A figure from the past returns - yes, Ardstelle is back!
It's no secret that Southern's headwoman and the flamboyant Master Baker have never seen eye to eye, especially about Laeiva's restraint in the matter of menus, and while the headwoman's away, the reinstated Head Cook goes to town! All kinds of delectable things are on the menu, and in large quantities - such a nice change after months of shortages, limited variety, and edible bugs. Perhaps it's not too surprising that some diners find themselves at the infirmary with stomach upsets. Some people are casting suspicious eyes at the fish - is it really safe to eat again now? The healers are simply issuing cautions against over-indulgence!
OOC: Ardstelle is an adoptable character. Check her out on the wiki!