==== 26th February 2018
==== Black Rock Seahold asks the Weyr for further help, and the Weyrleaders reply.

OOC Date 26th February 2018
Summary Black Rock Seahold asks the Weyr for further help, and the Weyrleaders reply.

The Announcement

A letter

The watchrider posted to Black Rock arrived today, bearing a letter to the Weyrleaders from the Lord Warder. It seems that, although the floods are receding, many homes and businesses have been destroyed. While the Weyr successfully transported a large number of residents to inland holds and cotholds, quite a number of people are still unaccounted-for; it's hoped that some of these were also evacuated. Also, some of the minor holds to which the Weyr ferried evacuees are overwhelmed by the influx.

In view of all this, the letter contains some requests.

  1. For aid with searching for missing persons, and checking who has ended up where.
  2. For the Weyr to take in a number of evacuees, now that the danger from the storm is over.
  3. As circumstances allow, for help transporting evacuees home from their current locations.
  4. For a reduction in the tithes due from Black Rock, in view of the destruction of property and supplies.

The Lord Warder offers to send his Steward to discuss the details.

In response, wings have received orders to help with searching and to visit the places the evacuees were taken to find out who's there. (Please note that there aren't any evacuees at the Weyr at the moment.)

A reply

In the crush of emergency, every second feels like an hour; every hour feels like a day; every day, a sevenday.

However, finally the watchrider to Black Rock receives her missive from Mayte and Va'os to take back to the slightly damp Lord Holder of Black Rock. It is to-the-point and perfunctory, polite and adroit, listing out the responses to the Lord Holder's requests:

  1. Va'os is eager to provide the necessary personnel to assist in Search and Rescue. The Weyr has long maintained a policy of assisting in any capacity it can and looks forward to assisting in post-storm relief efforts.
  2. The Weyr regrets it is unable to accommodate any personnel from Black Rock Hold at this time, as the Weyr is currently encountering a surplus in residents. However, Weyr Leadership is eager to assist in any way and can facilitate conversation between Black Rock Hold and Southern Barrier Hold, should such accommodations become necessary.
  3. The request for Southern Weyr riders to transport Black Rock personnel outside of necessary Search and Rescue cannot be accommodated at this time.
  4. The matter of Tithing is first and foremost a subject that the Headwoman of Southern Weyr is responsible for. Mayte is delighted to announce that, with Southern's incumbent Headwoman Laeiva taking some well-deserved leave time, Head Cook Ardstelle has stepped into those shoes and any further discussion on tithing should be addressed to the Acting Headwoman.

Any further requests are welcomed by Weyrleader Va'os and Weyrwoman Mayte, and best wishes on a speedy recovery are given.

As orders are issued and Ardstelle takes up her new (if temporary) duties, the contents of this letter soon become common knowledge around the Weyr.