==== 23rd March 2018
==== More deaths

OOC Date 23rd March 2018
Summary More deaths

The Announcement

It actually looked as if things were getting better for a while. The number of people becoming sick seemed to be falling slightly, and some of the more chronically ill riders were recovering enough to return to the Wings. Then came a morning when Tiglon's wingleader, one of her wingseconds and two of the youngest wingriders had breakfast together - Wingleader Marsha often used breakfast as a means of dispensing guidance. Within a couple of hours, all four of them were seriously ill in the Infirmary, where Marsha quickly died. Her blue Zanisth immediately took himself Between. The others remain in critical condition, and Tiglon is in shock.

Meanwhile, the missing stablehand has also been found - dead in a field, and apparently another victim of this strange sickness. The healers finally got a copy of their missing book from the Healer Hall, which may help them, but they'd still like to know where their own has got to!

So it's not over. Rumours are rife, and some are even suspecting foul play. Did the refugees from Black Rock bring an illness with them? (They're now under guard in the Candidate Barracks, and refusing to leave even though they've been told they'll get no food until they come out.) Are they somehow causing it on purpose? Or is something - or someone - else responsible?

OOC: There are a couple of items of interest around the caverns that may give a hint!