==== March 27th 2016
==== Not really a party. :(

OOC Date March 27th 2016
Summary Not really a party. :(

The Announcement

Okay, I lied. We're not really having another party. But we are going into round 3 of Murder By Numbers, which will draw us towards its conclusion. Here's the BYOA!


  1. This is an opt-in plot. Meaning, if you don't want to play, you are under no obligation whatsoever to do so!
  2. Please tag all adventure scenes with sw_byoa_mbn_r1 and st-scene (if you ST a scene for someone)!
  3. This round will run for approximately one week… and then we’ll have our plot conclusion scene! YAY!

Thanks for sticking with us and making great RP! :D

Onto the Guidelines/Suggestions:

  1. Dragonriders/Residents of Southern
    • Head down to Black Rock Seahold! It can be for a day just to visit and hear rumors or to do investigations!
    • Visit Jude’s family, the Krauss Caravan traders, they’re outside Black Rock peddling their goods!
    • Any information your character might find while out in the hold would, ICly be expected to be turned over to Johannes.
  2. Black Rock isn’t known for being the safest place:
    • Exercise reasonable caution when interacting with the seedier elements. You may not always be in a position where your dragon (or guard) can come to your rescue.
    • Please do not getting into a situation where lethal force will be necessary, page a member of staff if you have any questions on this. :D
    • If you’re wingleader that received a mail from me with a TP hook, please feel free to continue playing any of those things out with your wingriders!
    • The last two rounds we set @details on the rooms! Due to the nature of this round, it seems easier to just throw hooks at people who want them. So if you’re looking to have a scene down at Black Rock, ping staff for a hook!
  3. This is mostly a mop up week before we have our end-of-plot event, check out the old rooms, talk to people, ask for an st-scene! Now is the time~