Craft Council

Southern is the unique oasis of Pern when it comes to crafting: the center of old knowledge, they have gathered together the most brilliant minds on Pern by mere measure of acknowledging their ranks. When the main crafthalls of Pern scorned the Oldtimers - and thus their knowledge - Southern opened doors for them.

As such, crafters have a larger role in Southern's structure than in typical Northern Weyrs. They have their own miniature halls within the weyr proper — well, most of them, that is. These crafthalls enjoy relatively independent governance in day-to-day life, though it is understood explicitly that all who live at Southern fall under the leadership of the Weyrleaders of Southern.

Eventually, Southern's crafters will be governed by the craft council, an entity composed of representatives by each craft housed within Southern's halls, and attended by a representative from Southern's Weyrleaders.

Council Members

Name Craft Rank

Master Crafters

Name Craft Rank
Arvo Seacraft Captain
Beka (NPC) Herder Master
Dale Smith Master
Korlerak Seacraft Captain
Varden (NPC) Healer Master (Weyrhealer)


Name Craft Rank
Abrehan Harper Journeyman (Archivist)
Bronrick Dolphineer Journeyman
Casobet Farmer Journeyman
Eryzz Harper Jr. Journeyman
Ilaria Woodsmith Journeyman
Issri Herder Sr. Journeyman
Jestyn Dolphineer Sr. Journeyman
Leevi Healer Journeyman
Leire Weaver Journeyman
Lethea Harper Sr. Journeyman
Llewellyn Herder Journeyman
Lorawyn Healer Journeyman
Madox Harper Journeyman
Maikah Herder Journeyman
Miraiya Healer Journeyman
Mireille Herder Sr. Journeyman
Odesse Dolphineer Jr. Journeyman
Thessalonike Dolphineer Journeyman
Tolavin Harper Jr. Journeyman
Torulik Farmer Journeyman
Tristram (NPC) Harper Sr. Journeyman/Weyrharper
Yoko Healer Journeyman
Zannen Dolphineer Journeyman


Name Craft Rank
Daxmer Harper Apprentice
Muriel Smith Jr. Apprentice
Tommin Healer Sr. Apprentice
Vaeslyn Herder Sr. Apprentice
Zahtiyar Seacraft Sr. Apprentice