These pages include the rosters for all non-crafters and non-dragonriders living within the Southern Weyr protectorate. Please choose a roster from the drop-down menu above.


Name Position
Ardstelle (NPC) Headwoman
Roheis Asst. Headwoman
Chirlana Weyrfolk
Ember Weyrfolk
Feodora Weyrfolk
Grace Weyrbrat
Idara Weyrfolk
Rhysan Weyrbrat
Salle (NPC) Head Nanny
Sevreni (NPC) Barkeep
Teca (NPC) Head Cook
Magen Kitchen Drudge
Zova Weyrfolk


Name Rank Weapons Specialty Proficiency
Kelver (NPC) Captain Hand-to-Hand Administration
Rhiex (NPC) Sergeant (SBH) Longsword Canine
Bradach (NPC) Sergeant Staff, hand-to-hand Law (Harper-trained)
Domnic Guardsman

Southern Barrier Holdfolk

Name Position


Traders here at Southern operate a little differently than at Igen. With Southern having such a high-intensity craft focus, the traders that route from homestead to homestead in the wilds of the Southern Continent are usually ferrying craft goods that they get at cost, or helping to provide Journeymen protection as they perform their Journeys.

Traders, for the most part, are autonomous among themselves and their caravans for every day life. Traders self-govern themselves with a Trader Council, where every caravan leader has a seat. This functions similarly to the Craft Council, where every weyrcrafter has a seat. The Trader Council is to handle issues that crop up across the caravans, and is who interacts with Weyr Leadership. Ultimately, the Trader Council is beholden to the Weyr much like the homesteads are beholden to the Weyr. They are under the weyr's protection, as well as owing some level of tithes to the weyr.

The idea behind traders here at Southern is that they work closely with the crafts to ensure that areas outside of Southern are covered both in trade and in craft goods/services! So it would not be unusual to have the various crafts have ranked ambassadors in the various caravans that spring up in and around the Southern Continent.

Name Position Caravan (If Applicable)
Korlerak Captain High Roller
Kelati Skin / Hair Care Artisan
Luciana Independent
Taurie Independent
Wylloka Independent


Icon Name Former Position


Name Position
Aikari Weyrbrat
Ariele Assistant Headwoman
Astrid Weyrfolk
Jedrek Bartender
Kyriatis Gardener
Laeiva Headwoman
Yarit Messenger
Byrdette Nanny
Renalde Former Lord Warder
Sabina Resident