Application Deadline: TBA
Insta-Candidate and Stand-Only Application Deadline: TBA
  • You should have reviewed the Search materials for Southern Weyr on the wiki as well as the posted copy of the Search Info Pack. We highly recommend you read and understand this package before submitting your application.
  • Be thorough and clear in your answers! The easier it is for us to read, the happier we are. And yes, spelling and formatting do count. You'll get major brownie points if we're able to understand you without having to squint :)
  • Be honest! Don't worry about trying to tell us what we want to hear; we'd rather know what you think, and you don't have to agree with us totally on everything! Be interesting, imaginative, innovative, and informative. A well thought-out application that lets your personality shine through comes over better than one that's tailored towards being Politically Correct.
  • If you are not a current resident of Southern, be sure you have your area leaders' permission BEFORE you submit the application! Please check your area's policy section on the wiki to ensure compliance!
  • Please don't rush through it, but please, please, please don't wait until the last minute, either. This is not to say skimp on any answers just to get it done, but if we can devote more attention to individual applications rather than getting 20 of them in the last few days of OOC Search, well…we'll be happier.


If you are interested in Search (whether traditional or insta), make sure you fit the following criteria:

  • The character must be between 15 and 25 turns old.
  • The character must be unwed. (Note: Weyrmated characters are eligible, as dragonriders cannot marry.)
  • The character must not have dependent children. (Note: Parents of children who have been fostered off are eligible.)
  • The character must be physically healthy enough to care for a dragonet.
  • The character must be affiliated with an area.
  • The character may not be a Craftmaster or Lord/Lady.
  • Only female characters may ride gold dragons.
  • Only male characters may ride bronze dragons.
  • No character may ever Impress a white dragon.
  • The player must not be planning on insta'ing a dragon (including alts) within the period of Search.

Insta-Candidate Application

Insta-Applications are currently closed.