1. Formation & Autonomy. Staff will decide the SearchCo Lead(s). They will be the head of SearchCo. Area Staff will only get involved in SearchCo issues if they reach beyond the breadth of Co (e.g., behavioral issues that impact the area).
    • Leads are responsible for creating all forms, and for adding them to the wiki. Necessary forms are listed at the bottom of the page.
  2. Activity. All members must be active. Please check the activity policies and make sure you are maintaining activity consistent with Southern's policies. If you are not active, you will not be allowed to join SearchCo. No exceptions.
    1. If you fall outside of the activity requirements once you join SearchCo, you may still be held on Co, but you will lose voting privileges.
    2. Search Leads are required to be OOCly active in guiding SearchCo. It is the responsibility of Co Leads to enforce all Co policies.
  3. No Full Candidate Alts. You may not have a character applying for Traditional Search.
    • You are allowed to have an Insta Candidate, but you must offer full disclosure.
      1. You should not be on any private candidate channels.
      2. You must send a mail to the candidate mailer disclosing your alt as a SearchCo alt.
      3. You may not, at any time, discuss SearchCo information with Candidates.
  4. Confidentiality. SearchCo works under the assumption that all the information discussed among SearchCo stays among SearchCo. This confidentiality promotes honesty, and it's of the utmost importance that it is fully respected. You may not discuss SearchCo's decisions or discussions with anyone that is not on SearchCo.
  5. Hatching Results. SearchCo has complete autonomy to decide the ultimate distribution of dragon colors within a Hatching and the Impression of PCs and NPCs.
    1. Southern Weyr's governing philosophy is generally to allow people to pursue their character arcs within reason. This also pertains to Impression: SearchCo should be attempting to Impress as many people as possible.
    2. If there are too many applicants to realistically devote time to writing inspirations for each of them, it is up to SearchCo to decide which applicants will Impress. SearchCo should be making every opportunity to provide as many dragons as possible.
    3. All inspirations must be complete and ready to view in some form (e.g., added to the wiki, emailed to Impressees, available on GDocs, etc.) immediately after the Hatching.

Wiki Updates

All of the pages below should be "touched" during Search to ensure they have current info:

Applications - These pages should just need the forms embedded.