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Lynx riders: Please take the time to put your times available for RP, timezone, or anything else you'd like us to know about you and your lifemate in the appropriate spot on your rider info icon.

Wing Information

Lynx wing has seen a number of incarnations. It was known as the Mission Impossible wing under T'ral's leadership, and it had an Indiana-Jones-meets-Navy-Seals vibe under Myziri. While the wing may be called again for occasional secret missions, undercover operations, and survival and reconnaissance missions, M'noq's aims are more straight-forward. The current wingleader of Lynx has had a Turns-long project of mapping the coast of the entire Southern continent. While meeting Threadfall will always be a dragonrider's primary purpose, M'noq has turned Lynx's secondary mission to one of exploration, particularly in the areas of the Southern Continent populated by wildlings, pirates, and other unexpected settlers. The goal is not so much battle and repel, as a mapping of unknown territories and keeping an eye on who's doing what, where.

Members of Lynx are welcome to tie these things into their own RP (events happening off-camera), or request or plan on-camera plots or events with others. Some ideas to get you started:

  • meet-and-greet with wildlings
  • beach parties
  • overnight camping trips
  • hunting trips (for food or sport)
  • discovering abandoned/ruined settlements
  • finding treasure or ancient artifacts
  • pirate attacks
  • thwarting smugglers
  • exploration of jungle/caves/mountains/islands, etc.

Ideas for secret missions and undercover spy operations are also welcome, though they will only happen ICly at the request of Southern Weyr's leadership and with the OOC approval of Southern Weyr Staff (please discuss with your wingleader or post the idea to *Lynx mailer for general discussion before you @send to *sws). Ideas for tie-ins with current area TP's are also welcome.

Upon getting tapped into Lynx, riders are given a pauldron to wear on their offside shoulder during Threadfall, but also at formal events. Any Lynx rider can present a new Lynx with their pauldron. While sharp looking, it is not simply decorative. Riders incur a slightly higher incidence of offside Thread-related injury. The pauldrons are an attempt to address this added danger by further protecting a rider's blindside. As a concession to Southern's climate, these pauldrons are acceptable as dress leathers when other formal dress is desired or appropriate.

Where to Play


There is an old TP room that is still around, if you want to go exploring. It is a former smuggler's haven, so who knows what you might discover there. To get there, all you have to do is ask for an envision from a Lynx member who has it, or:

@goroom #21808 (Black Rock Sea Hold)
Lagoon (W)
Shallows (SW)
Beach (S)
Stream (S)

Once you are in the room, be sure to have your dragon 'learn' the place for future reference!

Develop Your Skills

Lynx riders can go on all kinds of cool adventures, which makes having skills both ICly and OOCly useful for character development and plot opportunities. Expect boot-camp style PT (running, carrying and tossing firestone sacks, obstacle course, etc.) to be scheduled pretty much every other day that we won't be meeting Threadfall. On days when there's no PT, expect to be leveling up your skills, whether that's in weapons or combat training, learning new things, or focusing on a particular skill that you think would help Lynx.

A few common ones you should consider mandatory:

  • cartography (M'noq will happily teach anyone interested the basics)
  • jungle orienteering (so you can find your way on the ground)
  • hand-to-hand combat (the Weyr guards are good teachers, or spar with your fellow Lynxes)
  • knife-fighting/throwing
  • archery
  • rock climbing
  • tracking (human or animal. There are enough wildlings in Lynx who could teach you a few pointers)
  • survival basics (including which plants are edible and which are poisonous. Again, ask the wildlings)


While listed last here, it's really a dragonrider's most important mission. All of the rest of these things take a backseat to putting our lives on the line to protect Pern.

Altitude-wise, Lynx flies in the lower flight. This is the clean-up crew, Pern's last line of defense against Thread before it hits the ground. While normally this is a "safer" position to be in, provided the wings in the upper and mid-flight range have done their job, it is especially dangerous when weather conditions are unusual or Threadfall is particularly heavy or erratic.

Lynx has a few unique formations, including the use of outriders from the wing's main formation. These are pairs of greens and agility-trained blues whose job it is to watch out for errant patches of Thread that otherwise might slip through, and either give the wing a heads-up or dart in and take care of it themselves. They flank the main formation as it sweeps back and forth, using their maneuverability to cover the larger, heavier dragons. Strong communication skills are a must, as well as fast reflexes and good judgment. Because greens cannot last an entire 'Fall and the outrider position is particularly demanding, a number of the green and blue dragons in the wing could have a go at it each 'Fall.

Wing Leadership


M'noq takes the safety of Lynx riders very seriously. The last thing he wants to do is have to deliver a black knot to your family, all right? But he also expects riders to take personal responsibility, pay attention, and be present. He trusts you to tell him if you're injured, distracted, or otherwise need some time off. He'll keep an eye on you, but he isn't your mom, either.

Expect in-flight formation drills two to three times a sevenday, depending on Threadfall schedules, and you can count on there being more if there is a spike in injuries or deaths. Where other wingleaders ramp up PT in the face of Threadfall casualties, M'noq puts it down to a lack of discipline and a need for more focus and practice. And M'noq is a perfectionist. Practice until you can do it in your sleep. Practice until you can't get it wrong. Now here are three new ones to learn next.

Although young, M'noq has worked his way up through the ranks of Lynx, from wingrider to wingsecond to wingleader. He is team-oriented and emphasizes good communication. He has high expectations for everyone, especially himself.

M'noq favors throwing knives as a weapon, and he generally has at least a couple on him. Ask him for a knife-throwing lesson, or challenge him to a competition!

He will happily take anyone who wants to go on a mapping session. This involves flying up and down a section of coastline a few times to make observations, landing and exploring anything interesting on foot, and then a picnic lunch followed by a nap in the shade. You can bring booze, though M'noq doesn't drink.

It is totally easy to ask M'noq for the afternoon off, particularly if it is a nice day.


Th'res, rider of blue Jedameth, is very firm believer of lead from the front. He won't ask people to do work that he himself hasn't done or won't do. Too this end sometimes he does forget to delegate to others leaving the young red headed man a little thin on energy. But that doesn't mean he is oblivious either, no he is on top of the wing in all its forms. Jedameth helping keep up on dragon gossip Th'res can be found often working with riders, checking up on them and is always there for his wing to talk to.

A'hali, rider of brown Ohanaveth, is N'lim's opposite in many ways: quiet, reliable, compassionate. Sympathetic to a rider's problems. M'noq picked him to balance out N'lim and provide a check to the older bluerider's power-grabs in the wing. A'hali is in charge of leading drills and will take reports on any kind of "Lynx extracurriculars" you may be doing, including mapping/exploration, observing pirate/smuggler activity, chatting with wildlings, unusual info you may get from holders, and so on.

Lynx NPC Roster

As NPC Lynx Wingriders appear in your scenes, add them to this list! (NOTE: Ages are listed at the start of the Pass. As of October 2015, we're 6 Turns into the 12th Pass)

Name Age Dragon Notes
A'gom 19 blue Raketh A joker, teases N'lim incessantly over one thing or another
Bl'asay 20 brown Draeth Skirt chaser; brags incessantly (embellishes)
B'vin 28 brown Kelonth Hunter; transfer from Leopard after Wing shuffle
C'lel 25 brown Ameth Steady pair; former weaver
H'ethik 30 bronze Togoth Big, burly; whiskey, women and whistling
R'vel 22 blue Boleroth Highly sentimental; superstitious
Y'ren 37 green Quoth Veteran rider, his mom is 'Your Mom;' he's got a pronounced limp from a past injury, but it doesn't slow him down any, on land or in the sky.
Maluna 32 blue Trefalth Veteran rider, she recently went undercover as 'Munli' in Black Rock with Ch'fael. Very wing oriented and fierce but with a kind streak - she'll bring you chicken soup if you're sick!
Ch'fael 23 green Vishireath Impressed in the same clutch as Maluna, with whom he recent went undercover in Black Rock. Good looking, a bit of an equal-opportunity flirt.
Br'gil 31 brown Zigarth Transfer from Fort. He's 6'5 of pure muscle, dark and handsome despite his scars, an aggressive threadfall fighter and lover. He prefers outies to innies when it comes to companionship, to the dismay of many a female.
Trilli 17 blue Alfredomath Newly graduated weyrling. Very petite, very pretty, and more amorous than a proddy green dragon.
Dilcena 17 green Marzipaniath Newly graduated weyrling. Very tall, very skinny, and shy, and innocent. Trilli's best friend, oddly enough
Q'uik 22 brown Nesleth Newly graduated. Very quiet, studious. Ex-harper. Makes up bawdy songs when drunk but a prude when sober
Myziri xx green Sahizath Former PC
Ana xx blue Lochanth Former PC

Black Knots, Fallen but not Forgotten

Riders that get killed on-cam or mentioned as casualties can be added here.
Name Age Dragon Notes
Marna 14 brown Owunoth stubborn, protective
J'loy 24 blue Tigluth veteran rider, weyrmated, father of two
Safra 21 blue Saevesanth oldtimer, weyrmated, mother
Y'ir 35 brown Zleiith Siberian transfer; we hardly knew ye
T'ango 23 green Fazlenith fey and lighthearted; the pair brightens every room
F'krel 43 blue Tysoth kind of a curmudgeon with the younger riders, but a good heart
Lygra 18 green Ryzidileth Very new to the wing, sweet and young, full of exuberance
S'edrin 27 bronze Flidranth Kind of a jerk, but had his wingmates' backs; could have happened to anyone. His experience and dedication will be missed, even if his mouth won't be.
Bianti 17 green Verileeth Quiet, shy and serious. Only in the wing for a few sevens; her inexperience was her downfall.
Ch'ero 26 green Perelayth A regular at Lynx dragonpoker games. Usually good at snap decisions, he took a bit of a gamble to dart after a rouge patch of Thread, miscalculated.
N'lavor 49 blue Dasamith Older, steady, near retirement. Quiet but good-humored. A recent injury slowed him up in a rough Threadfall.
H'lan 30 blue Pashugisith A frequent complainer about basically everything, but ultimately a hard-worker.
Shoshana 36 brown Buhistenth A "mom" to some of the younger riders, always had a kind word for someone she saw was struggling.
N'lim 29 blue Kalsayuth Former Wingsecond. Prickly, punctual; annoyed everyone up until the day when he sacrificed his own life to save Dilcena


NOTE: When using the sw-lynx tag, use it for scenes that are wing events or wing oriented.

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Late Reflexes {Vig} 10 Jan 2018 06:00


Threadfall casualty.

Facing Fight Fallout 19 Jan 2018 05:00

D'wane, Amani, F'kan, M'noq, K'vvan, Mayte, Kodi

The day after the fight at the Zingari camp, D'wane and Amani spy a beat up F'kan in the Living Caverns and call him over for a chat. (UPDATED)

Responding to Loss 26 Jan 2018 06:00

M'noq, Tommin

Tommin brings to M'noq an issue with a Lynx rider.

He really isn't joking.. 28 Jan 2018 08:00

Th'res, M'noq

Th'res gets more work, and M'noq takes a break..