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"Big Damn Heroes"

Fueled by Anger and Bacon

Color: Garnet
Log Tag: sw-ocelot

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Ocelot NPC Roster

If you come up with NPC wingmates, feel free to add them to this list. Or add comments to the note section about the NPCs listed below.
Name Dragon Notes
Keitrill Brown Theibeth Ocelot wingsecond. Buxom bombshell brownrider. Can make any dirt or ash look like the latest fashion. She and Theibeth are very serious about their work and rock solid in 'Fall. Took the wingsecond slot in Fall when K'vvan was out of action. Nearly died as a result of Laeiva's poison, but returned to the Wing after almost half a turn of convalescence. When W'lin was transferred, R'zel gave her the wingsecond's knot officially. As a 'second, she's sane and reliable but doesn't stand any nonsense and is far more outspoken than R'zel.
So’ban Bronze Beldeth ???
T’vhil Bronze Jederath A hard worker, but on his off-time fancies himself a very talented guitarist. Likes to play at small cafes, at the beach, or on the grass under a tree somewhere. Fond of seashell necklaces, and a member of the 'Does He Even Own a Shirt?' club.
Ve’rak Brown Driecorth The epitome of a Big Damn Hero. Has one of the most successful search and rescue records in the wing.
F’hik Brown Frestith Quiet, friendly. Sings duets with T'vhil when drunk enough. Frestith is an overgrown shivering, neurotic chihuahua.
P’her Brown Sutarth Chronic drinking problem, but somehow seems to function relatively normally in an almost constant semi-drunk state. Always sober for Threadfall, though. Troubled relationship with weyrmate Whitney.
B’bel Brown Rotarth P'her's little brother. Always trying to keep P'her out of trouble. He followed his brother from Keroon to Southern Weyr, followed him to the Sands, and followed him to Ocelot.
Re’shak Brown Niborekith ???
Th’mur Brown Mihucanth ???
Chegana Brown Jesherath Has a ledge very low in the Bowl.
Ki’hil Brown Cheylesth ???
X'ley Brown Reindith
J’puk Blue Frosheth Jovial guy who does great impressions, especially of the leadership. Frosheth is a monster of a blue, both in size and temperament. Objected very vocally to the policy that all blue and greenriders must swap out in Fall.
Heri Blue Provobeth Was crushing on D’wane until he said it’d never happen cause she looks like his sister. OOC: 10/5/17 - Heri received a serious score to the right leg, leaving it unusable. She'll be out for three months for healing/physical therapy.
Es’om Blue Roefeth Oldest rider in the wing. An "Uncle Dave" kind of guy; always ready to grill some meat, drink a cold beer and tell crazy fishing stories. Roefeth has a big ol' scar on his left wing.
Whitney Blue Souflakith Has a troubled relationship with weyrmate P'her - currently not living with him.
Jay're Blue Zenrayth Injured on OOC Oct 18th 2017 - torn wingsail. Out of action for 5-6 sevendays.
T’eran Green Thisterleth ???
Bremi Green Caceneth Hardcore OCELOT 4 LIF3. Very proud of being one of the few greenriders tapped for the wing. Loves helping organize wing social events. If there was Ocelot merchandise, she'd have the shirt, cap, klah mug, and bumper stickers for Caceneth's backside.
D'amey Green Truhith Also has a crush on D'wane but does not look like D'wane's sister! COULD THERE BE A CHANCE-
N'bev Bronze Surijoth Joined the wing from Clutch 22. Was pretty good as a weyrling, but a little too keen on the idea that 'bronze is best' for everyone's taste.
W'yot Blue Erpeth Joined the wing from Clutch 22.
Temmia Blue Jetrath Small, with blue eyes a mass of blonde curls. Looks the picture of innocence. Isn't. Joined the wing from Clutch 22.

Former Ocelots (transferred PCs)





Former Ocelots - Deceased

G’lee Brown Kurlith Died in 'Fall, OOC date 20th March 2018.
Mo’rel Brown Truffleth Mo’rel’s haircut makes him look like a mushroom. Everyone talks about it, but he refuses to change it. D’wane’s even offered to shave his head a time or two. Died in Fall, OOC Date 13th July 2018.

Wing Information


Ocelot is current Southern's only PC top flight wing. We alternate with Leo and Tigris as the forward wing on the top flight. We're taking the brunt of the threadfall. (YOU'RE WELCOME, everybody else!) Not much fancy flying. Lots of betweening away from clumps too big to flame.

Tend towards Standard V formation with the wingleader taking point, or else inverse-v, giving the wingleader a better view.

Basic Formations
Advanced Formations


Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Definitely a Problem 02 Jan 2018 00:00

Rocio, R'zel

A sweep turns up a big problem.

Warming Up 09 Jan 2018 00:00

Amani, R'zel, Z'bor

When assorted errands bring three riders to the chilly side of the Sea of Azov, they're all found warming up in the Klah Bark.