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Return to normality (or not) July 3, 2019 Punishments come to an end, while construction begins.
A Flavor Post July 9, 2019 Effigies in the galleries and wildling tithes (or not)
A Clutching Ensues July 10, 2019 Decree 2: Electric Boogaloo (and also some eggs)

Southern's History

In the interests of storytelling pacing, in deference to RL interferences, and in response to requests from players, the timeline of plots starts to seem a little silly when you look at actual IC dates. Please keep in mind that many things have to be hand-waved, so don't sweat the details too heavily. :)

Plot Timeline

Southern Weyr has a long history of plots (some detailed, some simpler) that have a lot of back-story and info to enrich the area's background. This quick timeline just puts all those plots into a timeline perspective for you. :)

Twelfth Pass

OOC Dates: 23 January 2017 - Present

Turn 10 began with the appearance of live Thread burrows, and Southern Weyr's attempts to deal with this difficulty.

Pre-Twelfth Pass

OOC Dates: June 2013-February 2014

(Note that dates are listed as "until the 12th Pass.") Much of this period was focused on opening Southern Weyr and preparing for the coming Threadfall.

2 Turns New Southern Weyr is discovered.
1 Turn New Southern Weyr is open. Hannah, Bailey, and Lendai lead a group of riders and crafters, including many transfers from Fort and Benden.
??? Q'fex's bronze Kraakenaeth flies Lendai's gold Talicanitath, becoming Southerns Weyrleader. The ensuing clutch has 34 eggs, and Southern Weyr has a difficult time finding enough Candidates. They use deception to lure Candidates to the South.
5 months Thread falls unexpectedly (early) at a Gather at Keroon Hold.

Southern's Detailed Threadfall

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Detailed Charts

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Southern Threadfall: December 2016 December 2016 Southern Threadfall: December 2016
Southern Threadfall: November 2016 November 2016 Southern Threadfall: November 2016
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Threadfall Reports

Title OOC Date Summary
Threadfall & Grub Report - 1/27-2/2 Fri Jan 27 19:34:03 2017 PST Exhaustion becomes a real problem at Southern.
Threadfall & Grub Report - 1/20-1/26 Sat Jan 21 10:09:32 2017 PST Temporary relief begins to arrive as SW riders start to fatigue. Crafters also arrive to look into the grub issue.
Threadfall Report - 1/13-1/19 Fri Jan 13 15:55:17 2017 PST Threadfall Report - 1/13-1/19
Threadfall Report - 1/6-1/12 Fri Jan 6 13:28:09 2017 PST Threadfall Report - 1/6-1/12
Threadfall Report - 12/16-1/5 Fri Dec 16 15:43:14 2016 PST Threadfall Report - 12/16-1/5
Threadfall Report - 12/9-12/15 Fri Dec 9 10:03:09 2016 PST Threadfall Report - 12/9-12/15
Threadfall Report - 12/2-12/8 Fri Dec 2 13:00:37 2016 PST Threadfall Report - 12/2-12/8
Threadfall Report - 11/25-12/1 Fri Nov 25 11:26:53 2016 PST Threadfall Report - 11/25-12/1
Threadfall Report - 11/28-11/24 Fri Nov 18 08:38:58 2016 PST Threadfall Report - 11/28-11/24
Threadfall Report - 11/11-11/17 Fri Nov 11 14:50:14 2016 PST Threadfall Report - 11/11-11/17
Threadfall Report - 11/4-11/10 Fri Nov 4 18:45:12 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 11/4-11/10
Threadfall Report - 10/28-11/3 Sat Oct 29 16:22:18 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 10/28-11/3
Threadfall Report - 10/21-10/27 Sun Oct 23 05:14:40 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 10/21-10/27
Threadfall Report - 10/14-10/20 Fri Oct 14 04:36:53 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 10/14-10/20
Threadfall Report - 10/7-10/13 Fri Oct 7 04:26:31 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 10/7-10/13
Threadfall Report - 9/30-10/6 Fri Sep 30 07:40:59 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 9/30-10/6
Threadfall Report - 9/23-9/29 Fri Sep 23 15:42:35 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 9/23-9/29
Threadfall Report - 9/16-9/22 Sat Sep 17 07:45:50 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 9/16-9/22
Threadfall Report - 9/9-9/15 Sat Sep 10 10:50:02 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 9/9-9/15
Threadfall Report - 9/2-9/8 Sat Sep 3 07:50:26 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 9/2-9/8
Threadfall Report - 8/26-9/1 Fri Aug 26 17:36:17 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 8/26-9/1
Threadfall Report - 8/19-8/25 Fri Aug 19 05:34:55 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 8/19-8/25
Threadfall Report - 8/12-8/18 Fri Aug 12 15:37:41 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 8/12-8/18
Threadfall Report - 8/5-8/11 Fri Aug 5 14:58:16 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 8/5-8/11
Threadfall Report - 7/29-8/4 Fri Jul 29 13:10:34 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 7/29-8/4
Threadfall Report - 7/22-7/28 Fri Jul 22 10:57:14 2016 PDT Threadfall Report - 7/22-7/28
Threadfall Report - 7/15-7/21 July 15, 2016 Threadfall Report - 7/15-7/21
Threadfall Report - 7/1-7/14 July 8, 2016 Threadfall Report - 7/1-7/14
Threadfall Report - 6/24-6/30 June 24, 2016 Threadfall Report - 6/24-6/30
Threadfall Report - 6/17-6/23 June 17, 2016 Threadfall Report - 6/17-6/23
Threadfall Report - 6/10-6/16 June 10, 2016 Threadfall Report - 6/10-6/16
Threadfall Report - 6/3-6/9 June 3, 2016 Threadfall Report - 6/3-6/9
Threadfall Report - 5/27-6/2 May 28, 2016 Threadfall Report - 5/27-6/2
Threadfall Report - 5/20-5/26 May 20, 2016 Threadfall Report - 5/20-5/26
Threadfall Report - 5/13-5/19 May 13, 2016 Threadfall Report - 5/13-5/19
Threadfall Report - 5/6-5/12 May 7, 2016 Threadfall Report - 5/6-5/12
Threadfall Report - 4/29-5/5 April 29, 2016 Threadfall Report - 4/29-5/5
Threadfall Report - 4/22-4/28 April 22, 2016 Threadfall Report - 4/22-4/28
Threadfall Report - 4/15-4/21 April 15, 2016 Threadfall Report - 4/15-4/21
Threadfall Report - 4/8-4/14 April 9, 2016 Threadfall Report - 4/8-4/14
Threadfall Report - 4/1-4/7 April 2, 2016 Threadfalls - April 1st through April 7th
Threadfall Reports March 26, 2016 Threadfall info for the week of 3/25/16

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Southern Room Descs

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This page is used to archive the descriptions of the Southern Weyr Rooms.

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Sea of Azov


An inland sea, and vast: the glassy stretch of calm waters stretches distant from the dark-pebbled northern beaches to the snow-capped mountains of the far south. Shallow it is, and perilous for those ships that traverse the length of Black Rock River: bottoms lurk among scattered stretches of dark stone that loom visible and hidden just below the surface both. The clarity of the water is startling from north to south, with the single exception of the delta to the northwest: there, the riverwaters remain eternally conflicted, a mire of dark silt swallowed by the towering cliffs the river cuts through.

Azov Beach


An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.


Ancient-cut stone stretches out for ominous distance: created once by those-who-were and smoothed by the weather and wind and rain, it lies as an ominously vulnerable stretch considering the concealment of dark stone conspicuous in nearly every other part of the weyr. One has the sense that something is missing, or something that once was here is no longer: a vacancy exists, the reason for which hovers just beyond comprehension, like catching a glimpse out the corner of the eye.


Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.


In dark morn and dusky even fog lies grim and humid against the still waters of Azov Sea. Only the noontime sun burns away the concealing clouds of man's height, revealing that which lies beneath the mist — a stone pier that stretches far into the inland sea, a splendor of ancient creation. Ruins of wooden docks lie strewn like children's toys to the east, uncertain and jagged edges rotting among the soft silt of Southern's sand.


In dark morn and dusky eve fog lies grim and humid against the still waters of Azov Sea. Only the noontime sun burns away the concealing clouds of man's height, revealing that which lies beneath the mist- an awe-inspiring stone pier that stretches far into the inland sea, to the east of the line of orderly boat-slips for the locals and larger, open spaces for transport ships. Fishermen are often as common as seagulls upon the pier's length in particular, ill-concealed and ill-clothed in the loose dun homespun of Southern's natives.


The rise upward from sea to weyr is made serene by the plush curve of valleyed clearing: green and wild with it, the meadow lies overgrown and untouched. Purple flowers bloom in profusion, a charmingly unfettered beauty. Hoofprints stamp an oft-followed trail down to water's edge, legacy of the native wild runners and the sole sign of disturbance from nature's glory.


The rise from sea to Weyr is made serene by a charming road winding sand-trodden from beach below to stonecut entrance above. The path wanders among a surprisingly green valley where purple flowers bloom in charmingly unfettered profusion. The meadows themselves are often in high demand as picnic areas, for dragons are not allowed to land in the narrow valley itself. No trees nor cliff lies near to shadow the clearing, however, and the intensity of sun can be unbearable for those not familiar with the humid drench of Southern's summers.

Weyr Entrance

Eerie and quiet: there is nothing but silence here, the rise from the sea terminating in a broad bridge. There is no standard weyr-arch here; instead, the open-air bridge gracefully curves into the outside rim of the concave swoop against the rivercliffs that the weyr is settled within. White marble and gorgeous architecture delineates the stone buildings that rise in a vivid vein against the rough darkness of the high cliffs it is set against. Lichen spots the vivid ivory of stone, but classic arcs only possible by ancient stonecutters show through.

No standard weyr-arch for Southern: rather, an open-air bridge gracefully curves into the exterior of the bowlwall, the concave swoop of the weyrbowl itself nestled against the far high-rise of the rivercliffs. A pocket of white marble is delineated in gorgeous architecture at the termination of the bridge; stone buildings rise in a vivid vein against the rough-hewn darkness of the cliffs it settles against. The classic arcs only possible by ancient stonecutters show through, Southern's ageless beauty to be admired by all who trespass her walls.

Upper Bowl

Dust and an unlikely breeze mark the abandoned sweep of spacious bowl. The feeling of abandonment is stronger here than elsewhere: the humidity hasn't anything to wreck, and that breeze is a deterrent of any lichens. The bowl's eastern steppe lies a few feet lower than this plateau, gathering the detritus that the wind accumulates. The giant maw of the hatching caverns rises cavernous in the thickest part of the hollow cliff walls - the western wall itself. A courtyard lies northerly, scoured clean by that wind and lying forlorn, as if waiting eternal for her citizens to return.
The graceful sweep of spacious bowl lies scoured clean by an easterly breeze. Detritus is whisked neat to the eastern steppe of the bowl that lies several feet lower than the western plateau. White walls contrast the rough granite of the rivercliffs: the giant maw of the Hatching Cavern lies in the thickest part of the western wall, sheltering the training grounds and weyrling barracks lying nor'west. Directly north lies the leadership courtyard, scoured clean and subtly scented by intrigue.

Lower Bowl

Here lies the dross and the debris that the breeze carries in: it's both soft and dangerous to walk among the wreckage that lies in the shallowest part of the bowl, some little distance lower than the western plateau. Organic material and composting leaves give great room for weeds to flourish, and flourish they do. Scattered openings litter the side of the bowlwall here, leading to ambiguous caverns. Directly south lies a crumbling of the bowlwall that opens up to what certainly was a cultivated field, some time ago: just past the curve of sight lies the stables nestling against the entrance bridge.

Living Caverns

Oh, how grand this cavern once was! Litter has infiltrated these caverns despite the shallow stairs stone-cut down into the bowl. Crumbling, moldering wood dryrot piecefully in piles too structured to be chance: tables once lived here, and many of them. The expansiveness of the cavern is furthered by natural venting of the bowlwall above, the glass broken from the plates that used to protect the inhabitants from the elements.

Inner Caverns

Dark and gloomy, cultivated glows have not seen the interior of this weyr in… decades? Centuries? That isn't to say that wild cousins haven't, however — green luminescence shines down from random, overrun niches. The dryrot of furnishings is less pronounced this far in, leading to dangerous exploration.







War Room


Council Room


Leadership Courtyard

So lonely, this sweep of stone wind-scoured; so forlorn, the steps that rise to ledges and luxurious apartments connected. The pungent scent of citrus overripe lingers in the air, courtesy of the small orange-grove that rings the base of one ledge: a stone bench lies among the copse of trees, littered with seedlings and almost overcome from ivy sprouting from the rare dirt beneath it. Rare metal stands out, here and there: handrails up, and sparse doors of spiraled cast-iron left to rust.



River Cliffs


Towering cliffs topped with the verdant growth of brilliant greenery hover over the churning, steel-grey river far down below. The winding Black Rock River crashes against the base of the cliffs, churning as speed is slowly picked up over the rapids as it spills quickly towards the Caspian Lake, seen as a glimmering jewel in the distance. When the chilly grip of ghostly fog rolls in, it clings to the jungle that grows right to the very edge, giving the whole length of the river's cliffs an eerie sense of danger. In the distance, a feline's yowl may sometimes be heard. Dotting the towering cliffs are ledges; this is one of the best spots for those who seek a view in Southern.

Sky Above River Cliffs

High above the cliffs, where canopy of the jungle down below sways, the glittering jewel of the Caspian Lake can be seen. Even further in the distance, the towering mountains of the Southern Barrier Range reaches towards the sky and is often obscured by clouds. From this vantage point, one can see most of the winding Black Rock River and the ledges that dot the river cliffs below.

River Bank


With the towering cliffs left behind, the forested growth slopes downward towards the river's edge. Not as forested as the main jungles, yet still temperate to allow for full-fledged greenery, the river's bank is a mixture of sandy mud. One of the lower points of the river, the bank allows for easy access for both people and small sea-going vessels. A rickety dock, woven of water-damaged stone and wood, sits on the water's edge, bearing the mark of time. The blue-green waters of the river are gentler here, lapping against the bank in gentle caress, whirling in small eddies around the stone columns of the small dock. The call of avians and wild firelizards echo through the trees, with the quiet sounds of moving water aiding in giving this spot a hint of comforting tranquility.

Upper Plateau


The upper lands of the Black Rock River give way to the plateaus of the coast in the same way as the jungles release their tight fist upon the flora to allow for waving grasses and vast sweeps of land with little to cling to the rocky surface than weeds and summer flowers. In the spring and summer months, the upper plateau is rich in color: purples, pinks, yellows, oranges and vibrant red, as every flower known to Pern blooms among the tall green grasses. During the late summer and winter months, it's a magnificent field of gold. In the distance, the sapphire sea glitters as its turquoise edge meets blindingly white sands. As the coast curves, the plateau cliffs slope downwards as a winding trail finds a path towards a cove that links the western-most Southern coast with the dotted islands that extend into the Southern ocean. Strong winds lay claim here, unimpeded by the growth of jungles, whipping across the flat plain of the plateau, bringing the fresh hint of salty-sea air to cleanse the humidity of the jungles.

Southern Weyr Cove


This deep cove is just perfect for bathing dragons to romp and play in the clear water. The sandy bottom is at least a dragonlength below you, hidden in the turquoise shadows. The soothing ocean water swells and ebbs around you, lulling you. To the south are the shallows near the Weyr's sandy white beach, and there are usually dragons lounging around on the sand. East is the Weyr's wharf, and beyond it, Southern Hold.



Terraced over the rolling mountains of Southern's wilds, crops fight against the encroaching jungle that must be held at bay by diligent farmers. Guards are stationed at intervals across the hills, where the trees growth is thick enough to allow the lurking predator to hide. It's not Thread that threatens the luscious crops that cling to the side of the mountain, it's the felines and wherries — larger than life — that would partake of the feast that awaits the courageous. Each terrace lays claim to a large swathe of arable land; the fields themselves cover a vast portion of the hilly slopes. To cross the fields, from one end to the other, without runner or wagon, would take several candlemarks.

River Clearing


Just north of the river delta, the jungle's grip loosens enough to expose the sand-enriched soil and lichen-kissed rocks as the river battles through the rapids before dumping into the gentler delta. Cacophony of sound is made through the roar of the rapids, the spray of white water as it rains upon the nearby shores, and the shrieking of birds and wild firelizards that call from the nearby jungles. Treacherous to cross, most would follow the bank to either the river's delta or the calmer river bank, but a few courageous souls find the lure of the rapids too tempting to not cross as the far bank holds the promise of accomplishment.

Star Stones


Jutting from the jungles, the caldera's northern most edge has been fashioned into the necessary star stones; two great boulders push up against the sky, weathering the winds that scour the ever-encroaching lichens that cling to the humid-moistened rock. A singular stone, so obviously man-made, serves as the eye-rock, long forgotten with only the wind's erosive touch to keep the greenery away. The stones stand upon the flattest point of the caldera, and any who climb the winding stairs, up the mountain's face, will be treated with a view worthy of the effort of the climb of the seemingly endless stone steps. Far and away, the entire weyr is exposed as are the vast jungles and terraced fields that dot the horizon. The Southern Barrier Range looms above the weyr, and from this vantage point, one can see the snows that clings to the summits. The winding Black Rock River sparkles far, far below. The ledge itself is small, however, so only a few brave souls and possibly one dragon could fit up here. With no handrails, the edge of the star stones's ledge offer a danger to the unwary who think to stand where the rock curves down into the bowl below.

Hillside Path


Winding around the mountain, the pathway is not buried within the jungle as some of the other, more overgrown pathways may be. Instead, the relatively easy little dirt trail-head is bordered by stones buried in clinging greenery, with lichen and other moss and fungus holding fast to their stony faces. The dirt is loamy, easy to walk on, and provides a good grip to those who would walk barefoot through the pathways that lead down to the river's edge. The pathway itself is a series of switchbacks to allow for an easier time climbing and descending. In the distance to the east, the winding Black Rock River beckons.

Lower River Lands


As the land slopes away from the upper river plateaus, the drier climate slowly takes over from the savannas to the distant east. Lushness gives way to plants that live in the domain between desert and jungle. Rocks jut up from the dusty ground, bounded by scrub and the shorter, more tolerant grasses of a more arid climate. In the distance, the verdant greenery of the jungles of the upper mountains provide a stark backdrop against the golds and browns of the lower lands of the river. What little life-giving water makes it down this far is consumed by the scraggly plants before giving way to true desert-ridden savanna.



Verdant reaches of jungle are a thing of memory here in this dry, scrub-filled plain that reaches into the far distant eastern stretches of the Southern Continent. As the shoreline stretches away, the plains themselves seem endless, broken only by the mesas that litter the landscape. Dry, dusty, and hot, little human habitation occurs here, though herds of beasts roam untamed which only makes this stretch of land a favored spot for feeding hungry dragons.



A saber's curl along the coast of the Azov Sea, the cove is a clash of green and black; where deeply forested jungles encroach upon the curving expanse of this tiny cove, found only past the rocky barrier that serves as demarcation between cove and beach. Lacking the softly ground sand of the beach, the cove is made up of dark, volcanic pebbles, making it trickier to navigate than the beach itself. Yet, what a surprise is given if one braves the less comfortable path that curves around a long-forgotten cinder cone to find the quiet tranquility of seclusion. Brilliant against the black pebbled beach, greenery is only enhanced by the purest of turquoise waters, warmed by a deep volcanic vent and churned by hidden currents that further feeds into the relative calm of the sea itself.

Feeding Pastures


Up the side of the mountain, stone fences mark the lines of the different parts of the feeding pastures. Bovines, woolies, ovines, caprines, herdbeasts; they are all collected here, dotting the hillside in lazy repose to stand stark against the brilliance of the green pastures. Rich, rich grass grows here, fed by the humidity and tropical climate. The sounds here are a blend of bleating, baying, and the thundering of many steps as the different herds move about. Occasionally, the whiff of something foul is carried downwind from the collection of animals that serves as the weyr's food supply.

Southern Weyr Beach


This wide strip of sparkling white sand is a popular hangout for the Weyr's dragons; at almost any time you can find them lounging in the sun. The clear blue waters of the ocean roll up onto the soft sands with a gentle hiss. Fairs of firelizards wheel and dive in the air, some popping in and out of nooks and crags on the cliff, others diving and playing in the waves. Occasionally you spot a firelizard dive into the water and emerge with a wriggling fish in his claws.

Herder Pastures


Dotting the hillside, woolies and caprines can be seen grazing among the boulders that compose the upper reaches of the rolling high points in the mountainous area around the weyr. Verdant grass provides a good source of nutrition, while the rocks hold the soil against the wind's eroding force. The occasional sounds of herd animals echo across the hills and into the valleys where the land dips towards the weyr. Relatively free of human interaction beyond the occasional Herder seen in the large pastures, the prized breeding animals live in quiet seclusion.

Southern Plateau


A wide grassy meadow carpets the top of the plateau here, the grasses rippling in the ocean breeze. The meadow is bordered on three sides by trees, but to the north the plateau drops off abruptly to the beaches and ocean, a good dragonlength or more below. From here, though, all you can see to the north is distant ocean.

Upper Black Rock River


As the ocean flows inland, the Black Rock River is formed; a jade jewel further enhanced by the towering cliffs that serve as the gateway into the deeper river wilds. Hints of grey stone peek from beneath a covering of verdant greenery as lichen, moss, vinery, and small, clinging plants weave together to become a covering for the the stone beneath. Here, the waterway narrows, forming the first of the winding river as it snakes its way deeper into the heart of Southern, carrying the occasional vessel of trade goods.

Lower Black Rock River


Closer to the Sea of Azov, the winding Black Rock River's water turns darker, greyer as the riverbed itself drops lower forming a wide, lazy river that slowly makes its way towards the inland sea. Through its winding path, Southern's hills rise up on all sides, providing only a few spots down the long length of the lower river where ships may dock and the river's bank touches at water level. Otherwise, towering cliffs provide high vantage points to see across the length of the lower river, towards the Caspian lake and beyond. As the water encroaches upon the river delta that marks the entrance to the inland sea, the waters change yet again, providing a deeper blue hue as the depth only increases.

Caspian Lake


The lake is the hidden jewel of Southern with its tranquil waters and deep emerald color, emerging from a bend in the Lower Black Rock River. The lake itself is large; large enough that it is almost impossible to see one side from the other. Bordered on all sides by cliffs, the lake itself is not easy to get to, accessible only by boat with only one small beach upon which to set anchor. The seclusion of location is a prize all to itself, however, the true value rests in the teeming schools of fish that live deep within its waters. Constantly fed nutrients by the rushing river that forms the upper boundary of the lake, this bubble of aquatic oasis is a thriving microcosm unto itself.

Lake Shore


A small, pebbled beach clings to the side of the cliff face at the eastern most edge of the lake itself. Formed from the long ago erosion of part of the cliff wall, the little beach is bordered by impassible cliffs on one side, and the waters of the vast lake on the other sides, jutting out as a half-moon formation before the lake bed sharply drops away. The cliffs are choked with greenery, making it impossible to see the hints of grey and beige stone beneath. In the summer time, the pebbled sand — formed of small rocks and broken shells — is only delightfully warm against bare feet, making it a favored place to relax and sunbathe.



As the clearing is left behind, a deep silence permeates and soaks into the very ground that towering trees grow out of, accompanied by the humid heat of the enclosed rainforest. The silence is broken by the chittering call of wild firelizards, the chirruping of distant avians, and the ominous rustling of large, feline predators that stalk the deeper, heart of the jungle. Vines drape from the trees, falling to the jungle floor, which carries the hint of decay. Water drips from the canopy above, the soft sound almost musical against the echoing call of the jungles denizens. Westward, with the tangled overgrowth and the shadows of the deeper rainforest, the forest looms dangerous.

Jungle Stream


Winding through the lush rainforest is a fast moving stream, crashing over the slime-slick rocks, before disappearing around a curve into the deeper parts of the rainforest. If not careful, the chances of one slipping to 'slide' down the treacherous rocks is high. The feeling of the massive jungle presses in from all around, as the rush of the water sounds loud against the buffered weight of the densely packed trees.

Feline Territory


The heart of the rainforest is more than the weight of so many trees, the impossibly thick fines that fall from the tops of the canopy, nor the jungle floor littered with detritus from the centuries the rainforest has made a home on the Southern Continent. The silence is eerie here, where not even the call of birds filters through the densely packed trees. The presence of something malevolent watching is easily felt here as anything that finds their way into these far reaches of the jungle would feel it necessary to 'run' from whatever it is that hunts these depths. Even Rukbat's light barely filters through, adding shadows and green-filtered light to further trick the eyes. Something deadly hunts here.

Jungle Flatlands


Rising higher than the deeper parts of the forest, the flatlands provide a unique view of the rolling mountainous jungle regions that stretches far across the western parts of Southern. Trees rise up to the south and west as the land slopes away to the east and north, allowing a brief glimpse of the winding Black Rock River far, far, in the distance. Various trails wind through these parts, providing a good place to 'hike'; with the sounds of wildlife echoing in the distance, this part of the jungle is relatively safe. Turquoise Pools

Such beauty! Water the color of pure turquoise reflects the filtered light of Rukbat that comes through the small opening of the upper canopy; surrounded on all sides by lush greenery, the jungle stream tumbles into the brilliantly colored waters of the pool creating a waterfall that refracts the light into giving a near-constant, imperfect rainbow. The stream continues on, long past these hidden pools of turquoise, leaving behind the crown jewel of Southern's getaway spots. The spray of water from the small waterfall mists the rocks, and at some point in the centuries that Southern has been inhabited a quaint stone bridge was built to span the width of the small pools. Vines and jungle growth further add to the sense of seclusion, surrounded on all sides by nothing but nature.

River Delta


At last! The winding Black Rock River spills into the Sea of Azov through the fingers of the river delta. Small islands form around the estuaries as the deep river rises up to meet the shallower inland sea. Rich in nutrients, this part of the river teems with fish that come to lay their eggs at the boundary where fresh and salt water mix. During the mating seasons, the delta is clogged with seacraft and trader vessels fishing for the best catch of the year. The stirring of silt from the estuaries creates the murkier waters of the delta; a stark contrast to the crystal clarity of the inland sea.



The lush Southern rainforests hide snake-like rivers that wind through the thickest part of the underbrush; it is one such river that provides a view that must be seen once in a lifetime. Powerful, the waters spill over the edges of the cliffs, falling from high, high above to land in a large swell of water that feeds into the Black Rock River. On a sunny day, a kaleidescope of colors can be seen as the light of Rukbat is refracted in a rainbow array of vibrant hues. At the base of the waterfall, where even a dragon would feel dwarfed by the towering cliffs and thick plume of falling water, the swell of water is surrounded by greenery of all kinds: trees, flowers, ferns, moss, lichen. As the point where the waterway narrows into a feeder stream to the larger, Black Rock River, a tiny little bridge spans. All around, water roars, eclipsing even the sounds of wildlife.

Seacraft Complex


Thick stone encases the immense sea craft complex, keeping people and equipment safe from thread, but also trapping moisture in the air. The majority of the complex is one large room, the central hub for the craft. Long tables skirt the far side of the room, providing work space for individuals and crews. Behind the tables are stands where maps of sea lanes and currents can be hung for study. The middle of the room is set for coils of partially finished rope that hang from hooks, and a place to repair nets, all surrounded by chairs. Adorning the wall above the entrance to the barracks is a painting of an old regal ship, open masts full of wind, on hull reads, ‘Storm's Defiance’. On the opposing wall, above a large fireplace, hangs the seacraft banner, anchor of silver set against a sea-blue background. The hearth is surrounded by large comfortable chairs, where sea weary men can warm their bones.

Archived Room Descs

This is a list of room descs archived from Southern Weyr rooms.

Southern Bog (Outdoor TP Room)
From dry plateau and tall grasses, the winding river changes the landscape here. Underfoot the ground is soft, and one has to step careful to avoid thick pits of mud. Deceptive the ground it, seeming solid when under a green layer of moss, water hides to drag down the offending foot. Off in the distance cliffs rise with the ocean just beyond, but to get there, first one must get through this treacherous land.

Healer Plot (Outdoor TP Room)
A garden carved from the terraced Farmcraft fields, here a tidy little fence separates medicinal plants from those intended to feed man and beast. The plot is divided into a neat map of squares separated by plain dirt paths. Small stakes with signs have been driven into each square to warn passersby of each plant's purpose- for many of the plants collected here can harm as well as heal.

A Slippery and Dank Cave (Outdoor TP Room)
As the name suggests, it's a slippery and dank cave. It's not attached to the cave system in the area, so it's safe to explore without worrying about getting lost forever and ever. There's enough light from the entrance the main cavern is illuminated, what can be seen is lots of moss and a small fresh water spring that feeds all this moisture. The place is full of mushrooms, ferns and other plants that enjoy this kind of environment. There are a few smaller tunnels that shoot off of this one. It's possible there's more of 'this' down them, but it's very dark down there.

Southern Countryside (Outdoor TP Room)
Little cotholds dot the areas that surround Southern Weyr, in some places they come together and create a little gathering of civilization. A trading post pops up, a tavern and all the little buildings and farms that come along with it. It's a nice intersection of life and all kinds of people pass through this one, cotholders, traders, crafters. Just stopping by from one place heading to another.

Collapsed Glow Cavern (Outdoor TP Room)
A fairly typical mid-sized holding, carved into the mountains with a facade that opens into a stone-paved courtyard surrounded by guard towers, this glowfarm is in bad shape following the collapse of the major caves. The hold proper, where the few-hundred residents live, is largely undamaged, but - a half-mile up the road - the rubble is significant. The mouth of the cave had been improved over the years, but most of that has been destroyed by falling rocks, boulders, and immeasurable amounts of mud and dirt. Just outside the collapsed main entrance, the holders and members of Ocelot Wing have created a makeshift encampment for the workers, with rough wooden benches, canvas tents, lots of fresh water, and quick meals of meatrolls and biscuits.
Clearing a path into the cave has been the first order of business, and it's rough going. Once the entrance is open enough to allow people passage, the interior is an eerie chaos of smashed and fallen caverns mingled with pulverized (but still dimly illuminated) glows, the blue light casting long, dark shadows. The inner cave is dangerous, to put it mildly, and those going in do so at their own risk.

Glow Caves, Somewhere on the Northern Continent (Outdoor TP Room)
The cave system is vast, and only partially explored. The part that is used, however, is usually a bustle of activity as those who work within earth's bowels seek to gather the glows found in such abundance within the darkness. Nearer the entrances to the caves are piles of empty sacks made of thick wherry hide as well as piles of full ones; the latter contain the gathered glows, deprived of oxygen and light and ready to be transported to holds and Weyrs alike for the purpose of illumination.

Beach Obstacle Course (Outdoor TP Room)
This unused stretch of beach not far from Southern Weyr is now home to a custom-made obstacle course, designed to test a rider's limits of endurance, agility, and strength. Following the path of the jungle, it is set along the soft sand at beach's top, to provide additional difficulty. The course starts with parallel bars, in which one must use upper body strength to move oneself along. Then there is a low wall to be climbed over, then a high wall to pull oneself up and over using rope. Next comes a dug-out portion of beach, which always seems to have a little water in it, covered with wooden slats with sharp spikes pointing down to ensure that one uses their belly to move along beneath them. Standing vertically, a cargo net comprised of thick rope stretches tautly toward the sky, to be climbed up and then down. Balance logs test steadiness, lengths of slender tree trunk that ends in a transfer rope, where one has to climb one rope, use a metal ring embedded in the wooden rail to transfer to another rope and slide down. Then comes an obstacle that has no name (unless it's swear words), thick logs that one must jump on, then on to a higher log spaced uncomfortably far apart. Jumping down from that, next comes a set of metal poles between wooden rails, through which one has to weave; horizontally. The 'bridge' is reached by running along an inclined balance log; it's a bridge made entirely of rope in an open triangle formation, with the point being where one places one's feet. A declining balance log brings one to a stretch of running, only to come to a structure where one has to pull oneself up on rising platforms to reach the top, only to slide down a rope on the other side. A rope attached to a pole is the next obstacle, which is used to swing up on to another balance bar and then to a set of hand over hand bars. Once that obstacle is accomplished, there's an incline wall one must fling oneself onto and roll down, then a spider wall - and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like, a vertical wall one has to climb up and down and across. Finally there are a series of vaults, logs set at about chest level in a row which one has to leap over. Finally there's a short spring to the end, where one likely will collapse in exhaustion. Of course, interspersed amid all of the large obstacles are small ones, called hooyah logs (stacked logs in a pyramid one has to climb over without using one's hands) and circles of wood set close together, through which one has to maneuver. (For video of obstacle course, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCo-8xp-AH8)

Runner Racetrack (Outdoor TP Room)
There's a goodly crowd, both human and runner, the mass of two-legged bodies surging around the track that's been laid out, a smooth expanse of dirt in an oval behind makeshift barriers. There are continually runners racing or on the track itself, hauling ass to the finish line as shouts and curses, along with the whips and spurs of their riders, urge them on. Dotted here and there amongst the spectators are men with sheafs of hide, the money men, little satellites around which much of the activity is centered. Around the periphery of the crowd and track are stalls where food and beverages are hawked, and small tables where one can take a moment to relax and recharge one's energy before another round of betting and cheering. In the near distance, long strings of runners are tied, some being prepped for a soon to be run race, others having already earned some downtime.

Maynard Farm Holding (Outdoor TP Room)
Old stone is swept clean, this large courtyard kept pristine with nary a green blade poking up from between the cobbles that stretch before the buildings that rise to surround it on three sides. The largest and most central of these is a rambling thing with large metal double doors, the portal to the main residential building. Various barns and storage buildings comprise the two arms, while the fourth side of the rough square leads to the road and an expansive landscape of fields, forest, lake and stream.

Slate Cliffs Seahold (Outdoor TP Room)
It can't even pretend. This place is a complete shithole. It started off of as a trading outpost but has gradually added more small businesses and little farmsteads to it. But it's largely docks and small, shanty like buildings with slate roofs. There's no rhyme or reason, no guiding hand. Also, as the name implies there are large soaring dark grey cliffs nearby. But it's not nearly as majestic as the name implies.

AU: Somewhere Else, Chicago (Indoor TP Room)

It's a cold and blustery holiday season. Christmas shoppers frequent this corridor of commercial activity: big box stores may be just around the corner from this awkward trying-too-hard-to-be-downtown locale, but for the strip of ice and snow and slush before the threshold of this coffeehouse, it could be the coziest of any midwest nooks. Where does one go to escape the cold? Somewhere Else, of course, a boutique coffeeshop that caters to an eclectic crowd. The pastries are good. The coffee is better: enough to tempt in commuting businesspeople and hipsters alike. The coffee bar is massive polished rosewood with shiny brass fittings; there are soft chairs and a dubious-looking couch surrounded by scattered two-tops downstairs; upstairs is the domain of laptop-wielding coffee junkies, with communal tables and plenty of powerstrips. The baristas are friendly and alternatively styled behind black aprons: for the right money (or the right gossip), they can be persuaded to change the XM off The Coffee House.

AU: Terminal 5, Heathrow (Indoor TP Room)

It's snowing… snowing… snowing. The white flakes and immediate future are easy to see in the state-of-the-art facility, all lofted ceilings and walls of glass. Planes are grounded. Flights are delayed. People are stranded. It looks like it's going to be a doozy, all ice and snow, and nobody quite knows when life will get back to normal. For now, terminal 5 of Heathrow is a sad, half-full jumble of people not smart enough to leave and not lucky enough to have not made it here in the first place. It's not all fields of uncomfortable airport chairs, though surely there are generous amounts of those as well… There's a long row of shops on the gate level, most of them with metal gates closed over shut doors, dim and dark. Those that remain open include a Starbucks and a gourmet candy shop, and an atypically fancy seafood bar not far from a lonely shoe-shiner, stranded with the rest. The strain is in the air, with Christmas imminent and delays ominous; emotions seem to range the full spectrum, from festive to angry to resigned. But hey, Tiffany's is still open. Go buy something expensive.

AU: Ski Resort, Vail, Colorado (Indoor & Outdoor TP Rooms)

Picturesque snow falls without, fluffy and white, with that faint hiss that comes as it hits almost fairy-like buildings. Wide walkways wind themselves about skating rinks and areas to build snowmen under the watchful eye of snow-laden pine trees. The mountains raise sharply above giving grandeur to the otherwise quaint scene. Inside the shops hot chocolate and coffee steams as skiers and vacationers mix and mingle to a slower pace.

AU: Yuletide Manor, 1845 (Indoor TP Room)

Welcome to the Manor House for the Christmas of 1845! The drawing room has plenty of space for our guests to sit and converse, or share in convivial entertainments. It's a high room with ornate plaster ceilings, oak-panelled to half-height and with a hand-printed wallpaper above, fleur-de-lis on terra cotta, with a frieze below the coving. The curtains are red velvet with fringes, and there are lace nets at the windows. The room is lit by beeswax candles and oil lamps; we don't trust the new gas lights. The focal point is a huge stone fireplace, recently updated with a tiled surround. A log fire burns in the grate, making the room warm and comfortable; if you're chilly after a stroll in the grounds, the armchairs that surround it are very cosy! On the wide mantelpiece, candelabras add to the light, while ornaments and framed daguerrotype portraits crowd the rest of the surface, as well as several small tables. You can even see the greeting card that someone has sent us by the new Penny Post! There's a mirror above the hearth and family portraits on the walls. This year, we have followed the Royal example: a Christmas Tree, so recently introduced to this country by Prince Albert, stands in one corner of the room, gaily decorated and lit with white candles - a fine supplement to the sprigs of holly and other greenery that wreathe the fireplace and hang from the walls. Look out for the mistletoe! There are comfortable places to sit: padded, wooden-armed chairs and and a pair of chaise longues are placed around the room, while the cushioned window seats in the leaded windows provide more casual accommodation. You might like to use a card-table for a hand of whist, or play chess or backgammon. Of course, you are welcome to use the library, the billiard room, or the smoking room. In the evenings, we might gather round the piano to sing carols - if you sing or play, perhaps you will entertain us? And do take a look at the children's toy theatre, with its cardboard scenery and figures! During the afternoon, mulled wine will be served, or negus for the children, and of course, tea. Small minced-meat pies, cold cuts and sugar plums are among the delicacies laid out on the side-board. Or perhaps you would like a glass of claret? When the village carol-singers arrive, though, the wassail punch-bowl will make an appearance. If you lack anything, please avail yourself of the bell-pull, and the parlour-maid will assist you.

AU: Humbug Lane, 1845 (Outdoor TP Room)

In the golden lamplight that spills newfangled holiday cheer out of mullioned windows, bars of illumination falling uncaringly on well sooted snow. While the yule fires inside might be quite delightful, the weather out here is dreary and frightful. While those with the means enjoy the excesses of the season, out here? Out here the struggle for survival continues unabated. Store fronts sell the illusion of merriment, replete with jolly Saint Nick's bells and warm fur-trimmed red suits. Just a couple of steps further in the mucky slush, are beggars and vendors of small trinkets, hollow cheeked and dressed in rags. They huddle around binfires, and hidden down alleys, there are more fires, and more pitiful souls just trying to survive. From the pub on the corner trickles the earmarks of another sort of cheer - raucous and forced, along with the occasional brawl as have-nots try to forget that all is not bright. Progress comes at a cost, spiritually, financially, and physically, and this street encompasses it all: the joy within and the struggle without.

Burning Black Rock Seahold (Outdoor Black Rock Seahold TP Room)

True sunrise is still more than an hour away, but the eastern horizon is just beginning to lighten from black to deep blue. The Dawn Sisters twinkle overhead in a clear, starry sky. And a claxon-like bell ring ring RINGS from atop the fireheights of the hold proper, clanging out a warning. But that warning is about twenty minutes too late to do anything about the fire spreading through the shantytown along the waterfront. Mostly abandoned, the rickety wooden homes and ratty little shopfronts catch the flames like lovers, stoking them, exciting them. By the time the bell wakes anyone who might not have already been alerted, the docks is alive with fire, and the flames are cracking and popping their way up toward the warehouse and its surroundings. The hold proper might be made of solid stone, but everything else? It's all going up in flames.

Art Fair (Hold's Indoor TP Room)

Colors and fabric assault the eyes as the warmth of the Atrium replaces the frigid chill of the courtyard. Tables have been assembled and bear the burdens of all kinds of art. From more homespun kitted scarves and pot holders to extravagant paintings shipped in from 'round Pern, stepping into this room envelops one in culture. Some things are easy to pocket, others would look rather strange carried away. There is something here for any taste.

Ice Sculptures (Hold's Indoor TP Room)

Decorated to the hilt, the field before the hold has been over taken with the festivities. Long poles surround a square area with delicate blue decorations strung between them. Blue balls made for holding glows hand down to provide illumination at night. Within this square ice sculptures stand in various stages of completion with their sculptors hovering nearby. Each is unique in their carving, some more… fragile than others. It would be a shame if any were broken.

Crucible Crash Course (Outdoor Weyr TP Room)

Look on this course, ye mighty and despair! For surely this was built by an insane person. Or multiple crazy people. How could anyone ever be expected to complete this? Sure there's normal things like a rope course over a mud pit and a net wall to climb, but from there things start to get creative. The course extends over the water of the lake with platforms of various sizes and heights and hanging ropes and is that a log that rolls?

Lonely Branch

A sense of safety lingers here above the jungle floor. A sense of being above it all. The view does not go far, obstructed as it is by the trees around this sandalwood perch. Beyond, the gurgle of the stream can be heard.

AU: Megamall (During the Holidays), Present Day (Outdoor TP Room)
Wide thoroughfares paved in shining tile sprawl in each direction, spangled with the glitter of festive lights and ribbons and ornaments draped from second-floor railings and pillars, ceilings and facades. Stores of every stripe can be found along each stretch - toys, candy-makers, jewelers, makeup salons, department and sports outlets, international speciality shops, bookstores, and more. Restaurants are in abundance of course, from the lowly food court to bubble tea and cinnamon roll vendors to more high-end seated establishments. Holiday music blares above the mild roar of bustling shoppers, cycling through familiar tunes in styles ranging from classical to jazz to pop. Scents both sweet and savory waft through the boisterous air, though the aroma of holiday spices and all things baked seem to dominate.

In the main court at the convergence of corridors, a large swath of floor is cordoned off to contain a sliver of winter wonderland created with lights and scenery and costumed actors. Santa Claus (or one of his "helpers", as some parents my call him) holds court here, waiting with jolly greetings for the little ones aching to tell him their dearest wishes and willing to sit for pictures…whether those on his lap be smiling or bawling. Crowds converge around an ovular enclosure with tall walls, transparent at the top four feet for ease of viewing the goings-on within. An ice-skating rink can be found here, with vendors selling hot chocolate, coffee, and cookies from wheeled stands at various points around it.

Damaged Black Rock (From 'Perfect Storm' TP)

A series of sprawling, stone-brick buildings lining the waterfront, Black Rock Seahold is typical of the types of dwellings found along the river between here and the Weyr - larger, true, but architecturally similar. Located just where the Black Rock River spills into the Southern Sea, this is the largest harbor between the Northern Continent and Southern Weyr, and it shows in the business done here. The waterfront is huge, with a long stone pier reaching out into the sea, providing anchorage for dozens of smaller vessels.

The hold's buildings are built up and along a series of slow ramps that overlook the harbor. The main hold is built partially into the hillside facing the sea, with stone facings and wide windows. A large warehouse and dockhouse sits front-and-center over the harbor, with bunks rentable on its basement level for those just passing through the seahold. Most of the residents of the seahold are itinerant, renting rooms from one of the cotholds that dot the headland surrounding the hold.
Right now, the whole place is showing signs of damage from the floods and storm. The wooden docks built off the stone pier are undergoing repair. Cleaning operations are underway in the seahold proper, whenre many of the hold's few hundred permanent residents live. Close by are separate family dwellings; many of these were too close to the flood tide and have been badly damaged. Some of these are undergoing repair, but many are beyond saving, and overall, little seems to be happening to clear and rebuild them.