This is a list of room descs archived from Southern Weyr rooms.

Southern Bog (Outdoor TP Room)
From dry plateau and tall grasses, the winding river changes the landscape here. Underfoot the ground is soft, and one has to step careful to avoid thick pits of mud. Deceptive the ground it, seeming solid when under a green layer of moss, water hides to drag down the offending foot. Off in the distance cliffs rise with the ocean just beyond, but to get there, first one must get through this treacherous land.

Healer Plot (Outdoor TP Room)
A garden carved from the terraced Farmcraft fields, here a tidy little fence separates medicinal plants from those intended to feed man and beast. The plot is divided into a neat map of squares separated by plain dirt paths. Small stakes with signs have been driven into each square to warn passersby of each plant's purpose- for many of the plants collected here can harm as well as heal.

A Slippery and Dank Cave (Outdoor TP Room)
As the name suggests, it's a slippery and dank cave. It's not attached to the cave system in the area, so it's safe to explore without worrying about getting lost forever and ever. There's enough light from the entrance the main cavern is illuminated, what can be seen is lots of moss and a small fresh water spring that feeds all this moisture. The place is full of mushrooms, ferns and other plants that enjoy this kind of environment. There are a few smaller tunnels that shoot off of this one. It's possible there's more of 'this' down them, but it's very dark down there.

Southern Countryside (Outdoor TP Room)
Little cotholds dot the areas that surround Southern Weyr, in some places they come together and create a little gathering of civilization. A trading post pops up, a tavern and all the little buildings and farms that come along with it. It's a nice intersection of life and all kinds of people pass through this one, cotholders, traders, crafters. Just stopping by from one place heading to another.

Collapsed Glow Cavern (Outdoor TP Room)
A fairly typical mid-sized holding, carved into the mountains with a facade that opens into a stone-paved courtyard surrounded by guard towers, this glowfarm is in bad shape following the collapse of the major caves. The hold proper, where the few-hundred residents live, is largely undamaged, but - a half-mile up the road - the rubble is significant. The mouth of the cave had been improved over the years, but most of that has been destroyed by falling rocks, boulders, and immeasurable amounts of mud and dirt. Just outside the collapsed main entrance, the holders and members of Ocelot Wing have created a makeshift encampment for the workers, with rough wooden benches, canvas tents, lots of fresh water, and quick meals of meatrolls and biscuits.
Clearing a path into the cave has been the first order of business, and it's rough going. Once the entrance is open enough to allow people passage, the interior is an eerie chaos of smashed and fallen caverns mingled with pulverized (but still dimly illuminated) glows, the blue light casting long, dark shadows. The inner cave is dangerous, to put it mildly, and those going in do so at their own risk.

Glow Caves, Somewhere on the Northern Continent (Outdoor TP Room)
The cave system is vast, and only partially explored. The part that is used, however, is usually a bustle of activity as those who work within earth's bowels seek to gather the glows found in such abundance within the darkness. Nearer the entrances to the caves are piles of empty sacks made of thick wherry hide as well as piles of full ones; the latter contain the gathered glows, deprived of oxygen and light and ready to be transported to holds and Weyrs alike for the purpose of illumination.

Beach Obstacle Course (Outdoor TP Room)
This unused stretch of beach not far from Southern Weyr is now home to a custom-made obstacle course, designed to test a rider's limits of endurance, agility, and strength. Following the path of the jungle, it is set along the soft sand at beach's top, to provide additional difficulty. The course starts with parallel bars, in which one must use upper body strength to move oneself along. Then there is a low wall to be climbed over, then a high wall to pull oneself up and over using rope. Next comes a dug-out portion of beach, which always seems to have a little water in it, covered with wooden slats with sharp spikes pointing down to ensure that one uses their belly to move along beneath them. Standing vertically, a cargo net comprised of thick rope stretches tautly toward the sky, to be climbed up and then down. Balance logs test steadiness, lengths of slender tree trunk that ends in a transfer rope, where one has to climb one rope, use a metal ring embedded in the wooden rail to transfer to another rope and slide down. Then comes an obstacle that has no name (unless it's swear words), thick logs that one must jump on, then on to a higher log spaced uncomfortably far apart. Jumping down from that, next comes a set of metal poles between wooden rails, through which one has to weave; horizontally. The 'bridge' is reached by running along an inclined balance log; it's a bridge made entirely of rope in an open triangle formation, with the point being where one places one's feet. A declining balance log brings one to a stretch of running, only to come to a structure where one has to pull oneself up on rising platforms to reach the top, only to slide down a rope on the other side. A rope attached to a pole is the next obstacle, which is used to swing up on to another balance bar and then to a set of hand over hand bars. Once that obstacle is accomplished, there's an incline wall one must fling oneself onto and roll down, then a spider wall - and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like, a vertical wall one has to climb up and down and across. Finally there are a series of vaults, logs set at about chest level in a row which one has to leap over. Finally there's a short spring to the end, where one likely will collapse in exhaustion. Of course, interspersed amid all of the large obstacles are small ones, called hooyah logs (stacked logs in a pyramid one has to climb over without using one's hands) and circles of wood set close together, through which one has to maneuver. (For video of obstacle course, go here:

Runner Racetrack (Outdoor TP Room)
There's a goodly crowd, both human and runner, the mass of two-legged bodies surging around the track that's been laid out, a smooth expanse of dirt in an oval behind makeshift barriers. There are continually runners racing or on the track itself, hauling ass to the finish line as shouts and curses, along with the whips and spurs of their riders, urge them on. Dotted here and there amongst the spectators are men with sheafs of hide, the money men, little satellites around which much of the activity is centered. Around the periphery of the crowd and track are stalls where food and beverages are hawked, and small tables where one can take a moment to relax and recharge one's energy before another round of betting and cheering. In the near distance, long strings of runners are tied, some being prepped for a soon to be run race, others having already earned some downtime.

Maynard Farm Holding (Outdoor TP Room)
Old stone is swept clean, this large courtyard kept pristine with nary a green blade poking up from between the cobbles that stretch before the buildings that rise to surround it on three sides. The largest and most central of these is a rambling thing with large metal double doors, the portal to the main residential building. Various barns and storage buildings comprise the two arms, while the fourth side of the rough square leads to the road and an expansive landscape of fields, forest, lake and stream.

Slate Cliffs Seahold (Outdoor TP Room)
It can't even pretend. This place is a complete shithole. It started off of as a trading outpost but has gradually added more small businesses and little farmsteads to it. But it's largely docks and small, shanty like buildings with slate roofs. There's no rhyme or reason, no guiding hand. Also, as the name implies there are large soaring dark grey cliffs nearby. But it's not nearly as majestic as the name implies.

AU: Somewhere Else, Chicago (Indoor TP Room)

It's a cold and blustery holiday season. Christmas shoppers frequent this corridor of commercial activity: big box stores may be just around the corner from this awkward trying-too-hard-to-be-downtown locale, but for the strip of ice and snow and slush before the threshold of this coffeehouse, it could be the coziest of any midwest nooks. Where does one go to escape the cold? Somewhere Else, of course, a boutique coffeeshop that caters to an eclectic crowd. The pastries are good. The coffee is better: enough to tempt in commuting businesspeople and hipsters alike. The coffee bar is massive polished rosewood with shiny brass fittings; there are soft chairs and a dubious-looking couch surrounded by scattered two-tops downstairs; upstairs is the domain of laptop-wielding coffee junkies, with communal tables and plenty of powerstrips. The baristas are friendly and alternatively styled behind black aprons: for the right money (or the right gossip), they can be persuaded to change the XM off The Coffee House.

AU: Terminal 5, Heathrow (Indoor TP Room)

It's snowing… snowing… snowing. The white flakes and immediate future are easy to see in the state-of-the-art facility, all lofted ceilings and walls of glass. Planes are grounded. Flights are delayed. People are stranded. It looks like it's going to be a doozy, all ice and snow, and nobody quite knows when life will get back to normal. For now, terminal 5 of Heathrow is a sad, half-full jumble of people not smart enough to leave and not lucky enough to have not made it here in the first place. It's not all fields of uncomfortable airport chairs, though surely there are generous amounts of those as well… There's a long row of shops on the gate level, most of them with metal gates closed over shut doors, dim and dark. Those that remain open include a Starbucks and a gourmet candy shop, and an atypically fancy seafood bar not far from a lonely shoe-shiner, stranded with the rest. The strain is in the air, with Christmas imminent and delays ominous; emotions seem to range the full spectrum, from festive to angry to resigned. But hey, Tiffany's is still open. Go buy something expensive.

AU: Ski Resort, Vail, Colorado (Indoor & Outdoor TP Rooms)

Picturesque snow falls without, fluffy and white, with that faint hiss that comes as it hits almost fairy-like buildings. Wide walkways wind themselves about skating rinks and areas to build snowmen under the watchful eye of snow-laden pine trees. The mountains raise sharply above giving grandeur to the otherwise quaint scene. Inside the shops hot chocolate and coffee steams as skiers and vacationers mix and mingle to a slower pace.

AU: Yuletide Manor, 1845 (Indoor TP Room)

Welcome to the Manor House for the Christmas of 1845! The drawing room has plenty of space for our guests to sit and converse, or share in convivial entertainments. It's a high room with ornate plaster ceilings, oak-panelled to half-height and with a hand-printed wallpaper above, fleur-de-lis on terra cotta, with a frieze below the coving. The curtains are red velvet with fringes, and there are lace nets at the windows. The room is lit by beeswax candles and oil lamps; we don't trust the new gas lights. The focal point is a huge stone fireplace, recently updated with a tiled surround. A log fire burns in the grate, making the room warm and comfortable; if you're chilly after a stroll in the grounds, the armchairs that surround it are very cosy! On the wide mantelpiece, candelabras add to the light, while ornaments and framed daguerrotype portraits crowd the rest of the surface, as well as several small tables. You can even see the greeting card that someone has sent us by the new Penny Post! There's a mirror above the hearth and family portraits on the walls. This year, we have followed the Royal example: a Christmas Tree, so recently introduced to this country by Prince Albert, stands in one corner of the room, gaily decorated and lit with white candles - a fine supplement to the sprigs of holly and other greenery that wreathe the fireplace and hang from the walls. Look out for the mistletoe! There are comfortable places to sit: padded, wooden-armed chairs and and a pair of chaise longues are placed around the room, while the cushioned window seats in the leaded windows provide more casual accommodation. You might like to use a card-table for a hand of whist, or play chess or backgammon. Of course, you are welcome to use the library, the billiard room, or the smoking room. In the evenings, we might gather round the piano to sing carols - if you sing or play, perhaps you will entertain us? And do take a look at the children's toy theatre, with its cardboard scenery and figures! During the afternoon, mulled wine will be served, or negus for the children, and of course, tea. Small minced-meat pies, cold cuts and sugar plums are among the delicacies laid out on the side-board. Or perhaps you would like a glass of claret? When the village carol-singers arrive, though, the wassail punch-bowl will make an appearance. If you lack anything, please avail yourself of the bell-pull, and the parlour-maid will assist you.

AU: Humbug Lane, 1845 (Outdoor TP Room)

In the golden lamplight that spills newfangled holiday cheer out of mullioned windows, bars of illumination falling uncaringly on well sooted snow. While the yule fires inside might be quite delightful, the weather out here is dreary and frightful. While those with the means enjoy the excesses of the season, out here? Out here the struggle for survival continues unabated. Store fronts sell the illusion of merriment, replete with jolly Saint Nick's bells and warm fur-trimmed red suits. Just a couple of steps further in the mucky slush, are beggars and vendors of small trinkets, hollow cheeked and dressed in rags. They huddle around binfires, and hidden down alleys, there are more fires, and more pitiful souls just trying to survive. From the pub on the corner trickles the earmarks of another sort of cheer - raucous and forced, along with the occasional brawl as have-nots try to forget that all is not bright. Progress comes at a cost, spiritually, financially, and physically, and this street encompasses it all: the joy within and the struggle without.

Burning Black Rock Seahold (Outdoor Black Rock Seahold TP Room)

True sunrise is still more than an hour away, but the eastern horizon is just beginning to lighten from black to deep blue. The Dawn Sisters twinkle overhead in a clear, starry sky. And a claxon-like bell ring ring RINGS from atop the fireheights of the hold proper, clanging out a warning. But that warning is about twenty minutes too late to do anything about the fire spreading through the shantytown along the waterfront. Mostly abandoned, the rickety wooden homes and ratty little shopfronts catch the flames like lovers, stoking them, exciting them. By the time the bell wakes anyone who might not have already been alerted, the docks is alive with fire, and the flames are cracking and popping their way up toward the warehouse and its surroundings. The hold proper might be made of solid stone, but everything else? It's all going up in flames.

Art Fair (Hold's Indoor TP Room)

Colors and fabric assault the eyes as the warmth of the Atrium replaces the frigid chill of the courtyard. Tables have been assembled and bear the burdens of all kinds of art. From more homespun kitted scarves and pot holders to extravagant paintings shipped in from 'round Pern, stepping into this room envelops one in culture. Some things are easy to pocket, others would look rather strange carried away. There is something here for any taste.

Ice Sculptures (Hold's Indoor TP Room)

Decorated to the hilt, the field before the hold has been over taken with the festivities. Long poles surround a square area with delicate blue decorations strung between them. Blue balls made for holding glows hand down to provide illumination at night. Within this square ice sculptures stand in various stages of completion with their sculptors hovering nearby. Each is unique in their carving, some more… fragile than others. It would be a shame if any were broken.

Crucible Crash Course (Outdoor Weyr TP Room)

Look on this course, ye mighty and despair! For surely this was built by an insane person. Or multiple crazy people. How could anyone ever be expected to complete this? Sure there's normal things like a rope course over a mud pit and a net wall to climb, but from there things start to get creative. The course extends over the water of the lake with platforms of various sizes and heights and hanging ropes and is that a log that rolls?

Lonely Branch

A sense of safety lingers here above the jungle floor. A sense of being above it all. The view does not go far, obstructed as it is by the trees around this sandalwood perch. Beyond, the gurgle of the stream can be heard.