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19 Jul 2018 06:00

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R'zel just finished bathing Verokanth in the cold, and Zannen can't help but comment.

19 Jul 2018 04:00

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Kyriatis and Alyna catch up on things with a chat on the beach.

15 Jul 2018 04:00

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Alyna finally manages an impromptu visit with her friend Talya and her new lifemate.

12 Jul 2018 05:00

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Weyrlingmaster and Weyrsecond haven't forgotten they have a date with an obstacle course. Just… not today.

13 Jul 2018 04:00

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Ocelot has suffered some casualties and could use some riders to fill some holes…

13 Jul 2018 07:00

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Some evening time exploration leads to a meetup of a Guard and ex-Guard.

13 Jul 2018 23:00

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Alyna is finding convalescence boring. Can R'zel help?

12 Jul 2018 23:00

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Jedameth wants to see the weyrlings, and finds Ginger and Shokravanth.

11 Jul 2018 05:00

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Lynx is a home for lost souls.

11 Jul 2018 04:00

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Weyrlings are playing in the rain, Rocketh comes for a peek and to offer unsolicited advice.

11 Jul 2018 04:00

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Causing a bit of a mishap on the Boardwalk, Veena awkwardly offers to repay Th'res for what was broken…

11 Jul 2018 04:00

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F'kan runs into Th'res on the Boardwalk and they have a bit of a chat about a number of things.

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Weyrlings get new, fresh haircuts to go with their new, fresh dragons. (With special guest barbers P'quil and S'nar!)

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Zymuraith and Amani stop by to meet the babies and impart some wisdom. All the weyrling dragons seem really impressed by how tall Zymuraith is.

07 Jul 2018 23:00

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Alyna has had enough of the Infirmary!

08 Jul 2018 04:00

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Katrya and Talya have a moment to talk as their lifemates (mostly) doze.

08 Jul 2018 04:00

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Th'res saves Alyna from a topple when he comes to the infirmary to treat a sunburn.

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New Weyrlings are still learning how to care for their lifemates.

07 Jul 2018 06:00

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Alyna16.jpg Dhar19.png

D'har finally gets to break away to see Alyna in the infirmary after her scoring.


06 Jul 2018 23:00

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F'kan, Ginger, Katrya, Kyriatis, Talya (and dragons)

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The first full day of weyrlinghood… goes.

It's a 10 hour scene. Proceed with caution.

06 Jul 2018 06:00

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J'ay (Jaymes) and Iandreth, evka (Reveka) and Saetyroith, Ginger and Shokravanth, Katrya (Katryana) and Vinodestroth, Talya and Turahaimajusuth, Kyriatis and Omairhuith, Syri (Syrianna) and Gamanturath, Kelati and Takatath, Rocio, F'kan, M'noq, Amani, dragonet puppeting by SerenityCo (Alyna, Amani, Th'res, Z'bor)

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Zymuraith and Ravaith's eggs hatch on a rainy Southern autumn afternoon!

Long log!

06 Jul 2018 23:00

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An early-morning walk in the gardens.

05 Jul 2018 23:00

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05 Jul 2018 04:00

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Running into each other at the Treble Clef, F'kan and M'noq enjoy some conversation and amateur tunes.

05 Jul 2018 07:00

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A chilly night in the candidate barracks brings a few together to chat.

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On the morning of the hatching, candidates are put to work tidying the galleries.

05 Jul 2018 04:00

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Kat writes a letter to her foster brother because she can.

Candidate bingo, slightly backdated.

04 Jul 2018 07:00

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A quiet bath just doesn't happen after a Threadfall and with a Weyr full of candidates.


05 Jul 2018 04:00

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Two candidates daydream instead of doing chores. In song lyrics.

Candidate Bingo! Contains excessive musicals and a Spotify playlist.

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