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18 Jul 2019 23:00

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Ocelot has had some dodgy firestone.

11 Jul 2019 04:00

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a-kehm_default.jpg ulrika_default.jpg theidith_default.jpgahiardhath_default.jpg

Dinner is served, for some.

Backdated, before clutching

17 Jul 2019 04:00

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Lunch time, and people are just wanting food, human and firelizard alike.

16 Jul 2019 04:00

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A trio of riders get their drink on.

15 Jul 2019 04:00

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Despite their busy schedules, F'kan and Ulrika make time to catch up over dinner.

A smidge backdated

15 Jul 2019 04:00

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150.jpg Kary5.jpg

It's Karysha's first day at work, ever, in her life, and Fja'vn makes it a memorable one.

13 Jul 2019 04:00

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Phaedra, Alyna & Adryn(NPCed by Alyna)

phaedra_default.jpg alyna_default.jpg

Phaedra is gathering when Alyna and her son arrive to cause some excitement.

14 Jul 2019 04:00

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Where a rider and a dolphineer discuss politics, and rumors while Shokravanth plays with a pod of dolphins.

11 Jul 2019 04:00

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Rocio is hiding for multiple reasons. Va'os is just looking to clear his head.


10 Jul 2019 06:00

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jesha_default.jpg evka_default.jpg

Jesha and Evka spar with dummies and talk Weyr Politics, misogyny and women's monthlies.

Mentions of Misogynist ideals and Women's Monthlies

09 Jul 2019 23:00

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Two oldtimers discuss the past on a beach. Meanwhile, dragons and dolphins have fun!

09 Jul 2019 07:00

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turahaimajusuth_default.jpg theidith_default.jpg

It was a dark and stormy evening when Theidith and Turahaimajusuth's eggs were finally clutched! It was not a secret event, with all the fuss the clutch sire made to announce it.

08 Jul 2019 12:00

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r-zel_default.jpg maikah_016.jpg evka_default.jpg

Sadly, nothing in this scene is as exciting as the title! But all three things are discussed and purchases are made!

No actual sheeps in this log~

08 Jul 2019 04:00

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verik_default.jpg ryott_default.jpg tazhi_default.jpg

Ryott and Verik cross paths briefly, while Tazhi tries to remain unseen.


07 Jul 2019 04:00

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Fja'vn and Va'os cross paths on the boardwalk. Conversation is brief, but with the promise of more…


07 Jul 2019 04:00

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do-rn_default.jpg ryott_default.jpg

Ryott's on the search for something and she runs into Do'rn in the most unexpected place.

06 Jul 2019 04:00

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A newcomer to Southern, Lupa, runs into the Weyr's youngest weyrwoman, Ryott. Information is exchanged, as well as an offer given.

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