What's Going On in Southern?

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There have been 4 scenes in the last day.

Title Cast Summary

Library Bros
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Th'res, F'kan

Th'res and F'kan both find themselves in the Archives Library for some hidework, which they put aside briefly to catch up.

Catch up and Confessions
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Talya, Alyna

Talya is getting in some PT while Alyna's just there for the sun and surf, but revelations are shared between the two women.

mild profanity

Art Appreciation
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Amani, Elonoora

Just appreciating all the finer things in life, like painting and sculptures and dessert

Company Denied
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Ibrahim, F'kan, Rielle

Drinks in the Kitten, unwanted company, and a wingleader on the hunt, just a pleasant evening at Southern Weyr.

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