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Title Cast Summary

Ouchies and Ointment
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Th'res Alyna

Alyna checks up on Th'res after his stunt with the runaway ship during the big storm

some creative profanity

Similar Souls
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D'har, Alyna, Searuth, Haquith

Alyna seeks D'har out on a dark and stormy afternoon for a chat with a kindred spirit.

Fade to Black ending

Getting Hammered
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Mayte, D'wane, Rh'ysar

D'wane gets to build that new bookcase for Mayte. Rh'ysar gets roped in, too.

Because crime doesn't pay, D'wane!

Nighthearth Nattering
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Th'res, Amani

Clutchsibs catch up on some touchy subjects over lunch.

Searching and Searching
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Talya, Doji, Raktraeth

Talya's belated treasure hunting finds Raktraeth giving a funeral to a tree, plus a white knot and a trip to Igen for herself!

Don't Try the Caprine Pie?
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Ginger, Ibrahim, Varden

Ginger has an unfortunate moment in the living caverns. Fortunately, Ibrahim and Varden are kind.


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