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Verbal Facepalm
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Ryott, Roheis, Osarlio, Ulrika

Candidates try to decide how to deal with a noisy problem after lights-out.

Candidate Bingo - All Dialogue Scene

Obstacles? That's Just Beachy
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Amani, F'kan, Idara, Novi, Tresquil, Ulrika

F'kan takes some Candidates out to the obstacle course. Amani supervises briefly, while Idara, Novi, Tresquil, and Ulrika have varying degrees of success.

Burns, Whiskey, and Real Talk
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Novi, Violine

Morning Honesty in the Tipsy Kitten

Impromptu Beach Party
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Novi, Ulrika, Ryott, Roheis, Tsiroth,Nasrin, Osarlio,

All it takes is a bonfire, some non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, music, mix it all together, and you get….a Party!

Mixed Emotions {Vig}
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Ryott reflects on her motivation for being a Candidate.

Candidate Bingo!

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