Southern Barrier Hold is modeled off of the Base Camp of Mount Everest in terms of temperatures. It's always cold and frozen there, although in summer months it's almost at freezing; there are lots of opportunities to have some frozen/snowy scenes here at the Hold!

Clothing & Style

It is very, very cold here! So thick jackets, furs, animal skins; the sky's the limit!


With the opening of the Hold and the thick firestone vein that was found to fuel Southern Weyr, Southern Barrier Hold had a heavy convict population.

With the change in leadership after Renalde's illness and subsequent retirement from wardership, Lord Warder Keiron has been phasing out convicts and is replacing the grunt work with wildling volunteers.

The Animals of the Barrier Hold

Yaks (mountain herdbeasts), snow felines (akin to snow leopards, lynxes, bobcats; keep in mind the feline population is larger than it was 400 turns ago!), rabbits/hares, shaggy porcines, mountain caprines, wherry species adapted to the snowy wastes. Runners (adapted to colder environments, of course) would be feasible transportation, and hardier varieties of ovine could be kept for food and wool.