Ranked Positions

The positions listed below are subject to our area Activity Policies, so please be sure to read those first.

Please also read our Rank Policies before applying.

Head Crafters Any of these that are currently occupied by an NPC/adoptable are open for adoption, or we welcome applications from new or existing characters of suitable rank and experience. Of particular interest, given our PC population and Plot History would be a Weyrharper and Weyrhealer.
Guard Captain We would welcome a PC guard captain. Currently, NPC Kelver fills this role.
Wingseconds Each of our PC Wings can support up to two Wingseconds.
Ast. WLMs We have an active PC Weyrlingmaster and a steady supply of NPC and PC Clutches to keep PC AWLMs busy.

General Concepts

The positions listed below have no specific activity requirements. These are great starter concepts to help you quickly get integrated with Southern Weyr's current culture!

Crafters Southern Weyr has a massive craft complex supporting dozens and dozens of crafters serving the Continent. We usually have a healthy supply of Healers and Harpers, but all ranks and crafts are welcome.
Politically Conscious PCs Southern Weyr has a good mix of both conservative and liberal PCs, and some of them can be pretty vocal about it. Don't feel shy about giving your character strong opinions (about female dragonriders, Weyr and Hold autonomy, the wildling population, the superiority or inferiority of the Southern Continent vs. the Northern Continent, etc.).
20-Somethings We strongly encourage all new PCs to consider playing age-appropriate characters. We allow characters to be Searched between the ages of 15-25, and - to be honest - our characters tend to cluster in the early-to-mid 20s. Creating PCs around 18-25 will usually make it a lot easier for your character to find contemporaries.
Southern-Impressed Riders We have a long list of PC and NPC Clutches with lots of open slots for characters. Consider grabbing one of those as an insta-rider. For ease, you can say your character is just transferring out of one of our NPC Wings and into a PC Wing.
Plot PCs Check our area plots for open any current adoptables.
Adoptables Check our adoptables for any open characters.

Things to Avoid

While we welcome you to create the character of your dreams (and not ours), below are a few general tips to help you. These are just concepts that our staff members have noticed tend to have difficulty integrating into the flow of RP.


This isn't to say that you cannot play these concepts or that they will get denied acceptance to Southern Weyr. These are just some pro-tips compiled by noting what concepts tend to flop at SW, and by listening to our players about their experiences.

  • Young PCs - Characters in their early teens will often get lost in the shuffle. Many of our characters are already adults, in their 20s and 30s, and they aren't as keen to interact with children and teenagers.
  • Geographically Distant PCs - We absolutely welcome people to create characters living at Southern Barrier Hold or Black Rock Seahold, but we encourage you to come up with a handy list of plausible reasons that your PC will be at Southern Weyr, since that's where the bulk of RP happens.
  • Generic Weyrfolk - Consider what kind of job your character has. It's a small thing that makes a big difference.