Southern Weyr Wings

Note: PC riders will only be tapped or insta'd into Southern's PC wings: Jaguar, Ocelot, Lynx, Serval and Puma. NPC wing information included for flavor!

CLARIFICATION: The differentiation of the three flights indicate physical altitude, not superiority hierarchy.

Upper flight: Typically the bruisers and the "cannon fodder"; these are the first line of defense, very similar to the front line of a battle. They often have larger dragons that last a full Fall.

Mid flight: The flexible jack-of-all-trades wings, often stacked to the outside of the formations to catch "wide" threadfall. Requires maneuverability as a whole wing as well as middling endurance.

Lower flight: The clean-up crew: this is Pern's last line of defense against Thread before it hits the ground. Lots of mid-fall exchanges due to the higher volumes of smaller colors necessary to remain fast enough. This is also where Puma (queens) and Catmint (weyrlings) fly.

"Weights" refer to the color distribution in the wing: 'heavy' flies a lot of bronzes and browns; 'midweight' flies a healthy mix of all colors; 'lightweight' refers to a chromatic-dense wing.

High Flight

Ocelot Wing
  • High Altitude - Heavyweight
  • PC Wing: A mix of all colors with a prevalence towards partying hard and working hard. Ocelot has been undergoing a slowly changing face as search and rescue elements are taking shape within the wing as is a guard element coming into play. Colloquially the S&R/Guard wing. Ocelot's Page.
Leo Wing
  • High Altitude - Heavyweight
  • NPC Wing: The solid, unpretentious wing of the Weyr, Leo is similar to Ocelot in that it is brown-and-bronze heavy, tight-knit, and focused on business… except when it's time to relax, which they are excellent at. Leo is the most successful fighting Wing at Southern Weyr currently, boasting the fewest number of injuries and deaths.
Tigris Wing
  • High Altitude - Heavyweight
  • NPC Wing: Heavy in larger colors, Tigris is the complement of Leo in Threadfall and weyrlife both. Erratic and brilliant, they go through Wingleaders like underpants, because where erratic genius (and great parties) live, so does strife. They are officially the frat boys.
Cheetah Wing
  • High Altitude - Lightweight
  • NPC Wing: Previously under the leadership of the bronzerider L'andro, Cheetah had the highest casualty rate at Southern - as much as four times as many deaths as the other Wings. Some say it's because he couldn't keep up with the times, others think there may have been drinking and gambling to blame. Regardless, L'andro was replaced under K'lir as Weyrleader, and the Wing has seen a definite turn-around with a female brownrider at the helm.
Leopard Wing
  • High Altitude - Midweight
  • NPC Wing: The good-ol' boy wing; they are infamous for the full-scale hunts that they throw, and the insane numbers of crazy exploratory bets. Leopard also runs S&R, due to the Wingleader's exploiting of his high-energy riders: those exploratory and hunting bets have honed individual pairs into high-performing units that work well under pressure. There's a reason that Leopard leads the third flight.


Jaguar Wing (Weyrleader's Wing)
  • Mid Altitude - Midweight
  • PC Wing: Jaguar is often considered a Boys' Club: run by the Weyrleader and heavy with bronze and brownriders (and the occasional blue that manages to stick it out). Their leadership varies from Weyrleader to Weyrleader, but their core membership is typically harder-edged - men and women tough enough to fly with them. Jaguar's page.
Liger Wing
  • Mid Altitude - Lightweight
  • NPC Wing: High in lighter colors, Liger is a mishmash melting pot of personalities, drives, and motivations. Hot on Leo's heels, Liger flies the second tightest formation in the Weyr in terms of Threadfall casualties.
Siberian Wing
  • Mid Altitude - Midweight
  • NPC Wing: Composed of a great deal of older riders, Siberian is often viewed as a 'transition' Wing — riders coming off of injuries are regularly assigned to Siberian before working back into their regular Wing assignment. Siberian's Wingleader is an old hand at this, and has no problem with managing an often-changing group of people. OOC Note: Siberian Wing is where inactive rider PCs are usually placed.
Atrox Wing
  • Mid Altitude - Midweight
  • NPC Wing: Every Weyr needs a wing to dump the misfits, and Atrox is it. The only thing that holds them together is a harsh disciplinarian of a Wingsecond, who is often overruled by her air-headed Wingleader. They don't call them "Atroxious" for nothing…

Lower Flight

Puma Wing (Queens Wing)
  • Low Altitude - Heavyweight
  • PC Wing: Goldriders and occasionally pregnant riders fly with Puma. Check out the Puma Page.
Lynx Wing
Serval Wing
  • Low Altitude - Lightweight
  • PC Wing: The only all-chromatic wing in Southern. They are severely competitive with Cheetah, their "sister" wing. Works closely with Puma; it is considered a mark of favor to be a rider asked or tapped into Serval. Many dragonhealers in their ranks. Serval's Page.
Tiglon Wing
  • Low Altitude - Lightweight
  • NPC Wing: Recently reshuffled into the lower flight, Tiglon boasts a great deal of under-eighteen graduated weyrlings, keeping them as a holding pattern until they graduate into other, more experienced wings. Tiglon mirrors Siberian in a lot of ways, except with age reversals — due to a great many sub-20 y/o riders, riders from Tiglon are often referred to as "Tiglets", in varying amounts of affection and derision.
Catmint Wing (Weyrling Wing)
  • Low Altitude - Weyrlings
  • PC Wing: The Weyrlingmaster doesn't actually lead this wing operationally - that is a duty almost exclusively given to assistant weyrlingmasters. Senior weyrlings fly with Catmint, or occasionally - unusually - with Tiglon, if Tiglon's running 'light' on riders. See Catmint's Page.