A Little Info On Zingari Spies…

To hire a Spy, Just answer The Questionnaire below, @send the appropriate person and Willimina to get started.

Zingari Spy Adepts and Their Specialties

Member Rank Specialty Played By Image
Javid Spymaster Infiltration, intel gathering, tracking Alex Uloom javid_default.jpg
Aztrexia Zingari Spy Adept/Dancer Poisons, weaponry, some healing Ivana Baquero Aztrexia_1.jpg
Milosh Zingari Spy Adept/Escort coming soon Zebedee Row milosh12.jpg
Ggharrahd SpyAdept/Master Retired (or is he?) Jerome Flynn Gharrahd.jpg
Dhoren Spy Adept Swordsmanship/Intel gathering Harry Lloyd Dhoren.jpg
Jarvis Spy Adept Guard Captain Finn Jones Jarvis.jpg
Morgaine Spy Adept Tracking/Hunting Oona Chaplin Morgaine.jpg