IC and OOC Restrictions and Requirements

Welcome to the world of the Zingari spies! A few quid pro quos before you check out the teachers and schedules for the adepts and spylings:

  • There are a few OOC Requirements to be a Zingari Spy Adept:
                • An Insta Adept must be approved by Willimina or Tallel.
                • Promotions to adept are up to the current spymaster, Javid (usually with background approval by Willimina).
                • It is not required but HIGHLY recommended that adepts get 2 to 6 scenes/vigs in a quarter.
                • Adepts are generally not under 22 years of age, the youngest having graduated at 19 (which is a rarity).
  • There are also a few OOC Requirements for becoming a spyling:
                • Insta spylings must be approved by Willimina, Tallel, and Javid.
                • Spylings must be seen doing activities and scenes centered around being a spyling. This can be shown in scenes or vigs.
                • If a spyling has to take a leave of absence longer than 2 RL weeks/1-2 IC months it would be assumed they are dropping from the spyling program and can't keep up with the rigor. We would like our spylings active and training!
  • Next on the agenda: IC Changes:
                • Javid will be tightening up the spyling program, trimming the fat and making the Zingari spies a more elite group trained for espionage, the protection of their assigned caravan's leaders, and for hire out to the Weyr.
                • No longer will the spies be making continent-wide sweeps for spylings. Hopefuls will be sorted out by each clan's resident adepts and sent to the mother clan to be reviewed. Any not able to make the cut will be sent home.
                • More coming later….

Now, enjoy the rest of the info:

Welcome to Training! Meet Your Instructors!

Spyling and Guard Trainee Training Schedule