The following ranks are subject to a scene requirement of 3 scenes per month.

  • All Area Staff Members
    • Note: Because Area Staff are more likely to be fostering RP through area plots and playing plot-based characters, Area Staff members are permitted to count their RP across more than one alt.
  • Headwoman
  • Assistant Weyrlingmaster
    • Note: During a PC weyrlinghood, AWLMs are encouraged to make an effort to engage weyrlings. If there are active weyrlings, it's expected that AWLMs will offer RP to them (and staff will be expecting to see AWLM + weyrling RP).
  • Weyrlingmaster
    • Note: During a PC weyrlinghood, the WLM is encouraged to make an effort to engage weyrlings. If there are active weyrlings, it's expected that the AWLM will offer RP to them (and staff will be expecting to see WLM + weyrling RP).
  • Wingsecond
  • Wingleader
  • Weyrsecond
  • Weyrleader
  • Weyrwoman
  • Goldriders

The following ranks do not have scene requirements, but players who take on one of these positions do so on the basis described below.

  • Guard Captain
  • Head Crafter
    • Note: This would be the rank usually termed "Weyrcrafter" (e.g., Weyrharper, Weyrhealer, etc.), and would be considered the prime crafter posted specifically to the Weyr.

3 scenes per month

  1. Scenes must take place in a public room. A room is considered public if it is owned by a BUILDER.
  2. Off-game scenes (GDocs, PBEM, etc.) do not count.
  3. Vignettes (stand-alone RP) do not count.
  4. If staff notices that scenes are predominantly happening during one particular week of the month (e.g. first/last), staff will reach out to the player for a discussion as having spread out scenes for our rankers helps foster RP for the entire weyr.
  5. Scenes must be posted to the wiki.
  6. Scene requirements are on a per-role basis.
    • If you are playing a Wingleader and an Assistant Weyrlingmaster, you are required to meet the scene requirement for each character.
    • However, Area Staff are not required to meet an additional three scenes on top of any existing rank their staff-bit might hold.
      • Example: Player Susie uses her character B'ob the Wingleader for Area Staff functions. Her three scenes count for both her Area Staff requirements and her Wingleader requirements.


  1. December is a free month for all activity requirements.
  2. Staff will strive to work with the off-game-realities of all players. If you know that you will not hit activity, please let staff know so that they are aware.
  3. In the event of an area wide TP (not including Search), players who would like to play a plot-oriented PC will be given a waiver on their rank requirements for that period so long as they are actively playing their plot alt. However, staff reserves the right to converse with the player if this becomes excessive and seems to be disrupting their ranked alt activity.


Characters will be reviewed for inactivity on a monthly basis. If you know that you will be AFK and possibly miss your scene requirements, please @send *sws in advance.

  • Area Staff Members: Area staff members are expected to stay active throughout their staffing tenure. Missing activity for two months running hurts the area and an internal discussion will occur about stepping down within the next month after the two months of missed activity.
  • Ranked Characters: After missing scene requirements for one month, staff will notify the player via mail. Note: Staff are not required to reach across alts to notify someone that a mail has been sent.
    • There will be a buffer area of 7-10 days after the start of the month for the notification mail to be sent, to allow for late posted scenes and other issues that may occur because of timing and player's real-life events. During this time individuals are encouraged to reach out to staff if they are aware they did not meet activity.
    • If the character does not make their activity the next month, They will be asked to step down, and staff will coordinate with them for an IC reason. If staff cannot contact the individual at all within a week a @mail will be posted of the character stepping down with no details provided.

Weyrcrafters and Guard Captain

These positions do not have a monthly activity requirement. However, by taking one of these positions, with either a new or existing character, you agree that:

  1. If the character becomes important to a TP and you are not actively playing him/her or do not respond to requests for scenes/input, they may be RPed around in order to advance the plot.
  2. If the character is reaped, he/she may be replaced in the role at once, or remain ICly in post and playable as an NPC until replaced by another PC or NPC, at the discretion of staff.
  3. The character will be no lower in rank than a Senior Journeyman/Guard Sergeant and therefore no younger than 33 Turns of age.