Born to a wealthy Istan merchant and his well to do Harper wife, Taurie has never wanted for anything in her young, privileged life. She grew up rubbing elbows with the best and brightest, had the finest Harper training and has been groomed to take over the family business when her father retires or passes (hopefully not for a long, long time). When she was young, her mother relocated to Southern Weyr for better opportunities for advancement in her craft, and Taurie was left with her father, and mostly, to her own devices. Shopping on the boardwalk, travelling from place to place on her father's ships, hanging with her group of Istan girlfriends and just living life to the fullest. When she turned eighteen turns old, she was further groomed for business, but having learned much of what her father wanted her to know already, he sent her out into the world to see how the business runs from other points and not just home base. Having recently turned nineteen, she's decided her next business trip will be to check on her father's contacts in Southern(TBD), and to perhaps reconnect a bit with her mother. And if things go well, she might stay awhile, or she might not. It all depends on how much fun she's having!