Aliases: Taur,Tari,Tauri,Turie

Location: Southern Weyr

Position: Weyrfolk/Merchant

Birthplace: Ista Weyr

Mother: Journeywoman Harper Tauna(NPC)

Father: Istan Merchant Runie(NPC)

Played By: Lili Reinhart

Theme Song

Common Knowledge

  • Taurie is super friendly
  • She grew up spoiled and mostly ignorant of the darker side of things
  • She's the product of a Harper/Merchant Marriage
  • Her father lives in Ista, running his Merchant Ships
  • Her mother was posted in Southern when she realized that Southern is friendlier to the crafters
  • Until she came of age, she lived with her father in Ista, never wanting for anything
  • She can be a bit….'Oh Honey' when it comes to real world darkness
  • She's Brave
  • She's outgoing
  • She's Kind
  • She is at odds personality wise with her mother, but wants to spend time with her
  • Has a thing for Bad Boys

On The Business Side of Things:

  • Taurie is her father's face in Southern
  • She keeps the communication up with his contacts,
  • She middle-man's the orders and checks shipments before they're divided out.
  • She also does her father's books, having been trained extensively in mathematics.

Things her father's business ships:

  • Cloth
  • Fish
  • Produce
  • Livestock
  • Craft related supplies and products
  • They run travel ships
  • Pearls
  • Shellfish
  • Glasswares
  • Spices
  • Specially ordered wares