What is Theme Staff?

The Theme Council (TC) on Harper's Tale is an OOC group of elected players who are in charge of keeping the game within the bounds of canon and player-agreed canon extensions.

Current Theme Council Members: Th'bek, K'vvan and Eala

The TC has two main roles:

(TC is a new construct on HT. These sections will be updated and filled out more as time goes.)

Role #1: Policy Interpretation and Updating

When there is a question on an existing policy or a situation comes up that is not directly covered by an established policy but has the potential to break canon, it will be posted to the *themecouncil for examination.

TC members will look into past policy and precedent, then post their interpretations onto the same mailer.

A final decision will be made by the wizards after taking into account all the posted information and interpretations.

TC will also be responsible for keeping the policy list on the wiki up to date and bringing up for debate any points regarding policy that are ambiguous or conflicting with regard to canon.

Role #2: World Building

Pern is much bigger than our on camera collection of rooms. TC is responsible for plotting out and documenting what's going on in the rest of the world.

Members of TC will have access to a timeline where events encompassing a single hold/Weyr to ones encompassing the entire planet will be planned out months in advance. They will be responsible for posting to the public *announcements mailer about what is going on to provide RP hooks, world flavor, and a fuller Pern experience for players.

TC will also be responsible for keeping an up to date record of all Blooded characters, on camera and off, for all major areas of Pern.

What about player behavior and Game Staff?

All behavior will now be handled by the wizards! Theme staff has a very narrow focus. When in doubt, mail *wiz or Fyren directly.

Theme Council Site Map

This is to show all of the relevant pages that Theme Council is required to keep updated.