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- Terry Pratchette

Thu Sep 21 08:36:59 2017 PDT

It has been time for awhile now to bring a close to the epic saga that has been Erikkhan's life. He was my second ever character in HT and I've been playing him since I was a kid myself. Thank you to EVERYONE out there who has helped or even touched Erikk's long lived plot in any way. You guys made Erikk's life so so special and wonderful. It's been a helluva journey and I love you all for helping me make Erikk's saga so rich and full and vibrant.
Special Thanks are owed to:
Ylisa and Alesa:
Thank you for keeping Erikkhan's and his antics in line and for being the BEST mentors ever when Erikkhan was at Harper hall as an apprentice. Like for real, he wouldn't have even made it CLOSE to walking the tables if you ladies hadn't looked out for him. He so would have been expelled. Seriously, you guys were like MOMS to him and if anyone can pass that along I'd love you forever.
Thank you for being the BEST creepy evil mom ever. Serious props lady you were super scary and super fun to play with! The rivalry between absentee/apathetic mom and angsty teen boy was fun to play and great development!
To Falana, Moria, Sara and Realilina:
THANK YOU and BLESS YOU for putting up with Erikkhan's insufferable hopeless romanticism, jealousy and heartache and for loving him for it anyway. Special thanks to Lina for marrying the ass and giving him a kiddo lol. You ladies were serious troopers because I know Erikkhan's could be a pain in the ass just as often as he was sweet and loving.
To Peaston:
Thank you for getting under Erikk's skin and ruffling his feathers, as an adult Erikkhan's was super tame and chill, so seeing someone be able to just get under his skin and make him explode was awesome. it rounded Erikk's personality out I think. So thanks again for being a punching bag, I know it couldn't have been fun for Peas.
Seriously you all, I'm bawling as I write this because it's soooooooo sad to see Erikkhan go, he and this game have meant so very much to me over these past couple of decades. And I hope to continue playing for years to come yet, but Erikk's chapter is over and it's time to say goodbye. I'm sorry this mailer has been so super spammy.
Thank you all again for so many years of wonderful shenanigans with Erikkhan. I won't be nuking him for about another week or so so I can get a few things taken care of, and I'll be setting up a memorial page for him on my player page, which l will announce when I get it up. LOTS AND LOADS OF LIVE FOLKS!
Stay Calm and RP On!
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