Player The Handsome Harper
Location Igen Weyr
Position Journeyman Harper
Craft Harper, Painter
Birthplace Fort Weyr
Affiliations Oldtime Fort Weyr and Ista Weyr, Igen Weyr: nowtime.
Played By Robert Downey Jr.

One Handsome Harper

Erikk's Eulogy:


This man is rugged, but handsome. Chocolate brown hair is cut short and neatly, blending nicely into a brown and red streaked beard. His hazel eyes look out from a kind face, dancing with mirth and intelligence. Muscles dust his long figure, telling of long hard days of work and toil. He is just starting to show the lines of his age in his face and hands, but he has aged well and the wrinkles do nothing but inhance his already pleasing features.
Erikkhan wears a set of tan colored breeches with a light green tunic and shoes. All show signs of wear and tear and are covered in slight patches of paint and charcoal and chalk. They fit him well, if anything else.

Common Knowledge

Erikkhan is a flirt, he's an artist and he's very sociable.
Erikkhan is a well known artist on Pern
Erikkhan is Cousin to brown rider Ayla, rider of brown Jhakkarath (NPC owned by Erikk)
The Handsome Harper
Erikkhan is husband to Journeyman Harper Realilina
Erikkhan has a tempestuous professional relationship with Sr. Journeyman Harper Peaston.
Erikkhan and Realilina have a son, Kanriel.
Erikkhan and Realilina also have a foster daughter, Edlsesa, the daughter of Sara, a deceased friend.
Erikkhan's Studio and Office can be found in Igen's Craft Complex
In oldtime Pern, Erikkhan's mother Veldara was the MasterHarper. ((Her character is still floating around in ht limbo. NFO her harpers of old….it's creepy.))
Erikkhan frequently travels Pern for commissions and Harper Business.


Past Relationship: Falana
Past Relationship: Sara(Deceased) Will be missed.
Past relationship: Moria
Wife: Realilina, wife, lover, soulmate, mother
Son: Kanriel, progeny, son, pride and joy
Foster Daughter: Edlsesa, daughter, adorable, would do anything for
Cousin: Whirlwind WingRider Ayla of Brown Jhakkarath



Erikkhan was born in Fort Weyr. He was fostered at the age of two, and given to the Harper Hall at the age of eleven. From the very beginning he showed a talent and eye for art and this is where he excelled. He was a moody child, and it didn't help when his mother jumped back into his life at the age of 15, as the Master Harper no less. Master Harper Veldara seemed to thrive on making Erikk's life a misery. Erikk had a couple of romances while he was an apprentice, the little rule breaker. The first ended tragically when his lover Falana disappeared while on journey with the master that was teaching her. The second, ended when his love went on journey as well. Shortly after this, Erikkhan did his journeyman project (A set of paintings based on the weyr's goldriders and their dragons). He too went on journey. Just shortly after he arrived back home (The harper hall at Ista Weyr), everyone was brought forward.

Soon after arriving in the future, several of Erikkhan's Journeyman Project paintings were recovered in the walls of Southern's Weyr, almost instantly returning Erikk's prestige to him. He quickly became well known across Pern and has done paintings for several Nowtime riders and Mentionables.

Erikkhan was also reunited with his former love interest, sara, and nowtime fiancee realilina. Sara and Erikkhan remained good friends whilst Erikkhan and Realilina fell in love and had a son. They are wed and have a foster child too.


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