Pernese traders are some of the hardiest and most colorful folk on the planet. Largely unbound to any Hold, Hall, or Weyr (and therefore voluntarily Holdless, in a sense), they spend much of their lives on the road. However, many choose to base themselves near or within one of these major locales during a Pass for the sake of protection. While some operate alone, most opt to travel as part of a caravan for both safety and practicality's sake.

In the most traditional sense, traders will hire themselves out to move merchandise and even people, or will take on large amounts of goods from one place to sell for a small profit at another. However, some of Pern's traders (such as the Reika) also deal in retail by selling a good amount of their own crafted items. Others, like the Zingari, use entertainment as trade, specializing in all manner of performance (and some lesser known services) in exchange for needed marks and supplies.

Additionally, some traders have been known to act as guides. While dragonriders have a unique perspective on the world due to the airborne nature of their lives, most traders are intimately familiar with the roads and terrain of Pern out of necessity. After all, without knowing how long it takes to move from place to place at different times of the Turn, and with Threadfall not being completely predictable, thorough knowledge of where Thread shelters and other safe havens are is essential for survival.

Northern Traders (Igen Weyr, et al.)


Name Position
Cullen Trader


Name Position
Jazsael Game/Bounty Hunter


Name Position
Onari Weyrwoman's Assistant, Tannersmith
Naneska Cook
Brenna Wheelwright, Joiner
Zarrah Assistant
Cameron Jack of all Trades
Reika Candidates
Name Former Caravan Position
Reika Dragonriders
Name Dragon Wing/Rank Former Caravan Position
F'in bronze Rhakanth Whirlwind Wingrider Smith
Naomi brown Aionedyth Parhelion Wingrider Guard
Brynn green Diavath Parhelion Wingrider Guard
Zh'ain bronze Josvikuth Parhelion Wingrider Guard
Probationary Members
Name Position
Wyll Jack of all Trades


Name Position
Siraji Caravan Leader, Liason to Igen Weyr
Lykhaistia Trader
Wherz Candidates
Name Former Caravan Position


Name Position
Willimina Caravan Leader, dancer, fortune teller
Tallel Caravan Second, healer, dancer, sleight-of-hand artist
Javid Spymaster, player
Zisiene Dancer, spyling
Igraine Healer
Dustin Shepherd
Aztrexia Spy, dancer
Zingari Dragonriders
Name Dragon Wing/Rank Former Caravan Position
Amani gold Zymuraith Jr. Weyrwoman (Southern Weyr) Guard
S'ayde green Kataskiath Arroyo Wingrider Spy, fire adept
Moanna green Maeveth Arroyo Wingrider Dancer, storyteller
En'rys green Briamiorth Weyrling Dancer, Caravan Guard apprentice
Zingari Candidates
Name Former Caravan Position

Independent Traders

Name Position

Southern Traders (Southern Weyr, et al)


Name Position
Ksenia Fortune teller

Independent Traders

Name Position
Abriem Trader
Amadeo Trader
Ellen Trader
Kelati Soap/Lotion/Tonic-maker