Vani's Relationships

Lyah Piping, her bright voice, a lilting lyric over green meadows tugging at the heart, longing, hopeful. Her body is thin and lean, a slender stem with over-large extremities, wings and eyes and paws. Vibrant and grassy, her hide is a color not anything of Igen and undimmed by dust or grit, so pure is her hope of finding that which is sought. At her shoulders two concentric bands of cream splash from the delicate neckridges, shimmering across the opportunist flare of poised wings. Wide her eyes, and wide her wings, always open, waiting, waiting. - Desc by F'in fllyah.jpg
Figners Enthusaistically clumsy, this awkward azure eidolon of distraction is here there and everywhere, tripping, tipping, toppling, tumping, tubmling too fast for his own little brain to keep up. But good-spirited, so good-spirited, it's hard to mind the nigh-constant, low-grade disasters. In fact, they're usuall good for a luagh. So have a chuckle and ,omf your fingers (whew), he does like to nibble. - Desc (complete with typos lovingly provided) by F'in flfign.jpg
Ilysm Spindly and thin, this gold appears to be all legs and length. Much of her body is an even shade of pale red-gold, the hue saturating away to near-white along her belly. Faint barring of darker antiqued gold runs along the long length of her back, creating a barely visible pattern of stripes that can only be seen in certain lights. A ghostly twin of these markings are echoed over the delicate sails of her wings, the faint tracery spreading over pale cream-hued membranes. Shadows darken her face and tip the sweeping curves of her headknobs, giving her a mysterious countenance. Even her tail shows some of this darker hue, making it look like the tip has been dipped in ashes. - Desc by R'ku flilys.jpg
Shurg Much like a lucky penny, this bronze is both treasured and mundane. His russet-touched body shimmers with the bright gleam of a newly minted coin – a curious chiaroscuro of much-handled shine and forgotten tarnish. Unyielding as his colour tries to be, the play of shadow and light along the basso relievo whorls that tattoo his hide creates a canvas that is primal and fierce. The duality continues in the solid snub face and the elegant Italianate expanse of his wings. He is a creature of contrast, ancient and artistic, primitive and polished – two sides of the same coin. - Desc by Me! flshu.jpg
Dragfon Deepest chocolate brown drizzles the roly-poly figure of this marshmallow fellow. Lashings of caramel and cinnamon brindle the hide not already coated in chocolate. His face is equally sweet, with chubby cheeks and the cutest wee headknobs. Sprinkled liberally across all this scrumptiousness is sprinkles of spun-sugar, giving this dessert brown a hint of the desert evening. - Desc by Me! fldrag.jpg
Firelizard images used with the kind permission of KaiserFlames @DeviantArt

Basic layout copied with kind permission from JuniperSky