Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Quiet Reflections December 25th, 2013 Zisiene and Ravene Following the brief run in with We'bey and Cha'el, Zisiene tries to puzzle out why Ravene was so cold towards the two riders?
Safe December 24th, 2013 E'sren Another vignette after the Fall over Keroon.
Bitterness December 24th 2013 M'tias Belated vignette, taking place the night of the 'fall over Keroon.
Ragged (Vignette) December 18, 2013 V'dean, Ekerth A Southern wingrider's Thread aftermath.
Cut (Vig) December 23, 2013 Cerise, Jiamoth The paw has to come off.
{V} Bleeding Out December 20, 2013 Hannah Remembering the Fallen.
Twenty-Six (Vignette) December 19th, 2013 Kyara, Liareth Everything slams into Whirlwind's youngest greenrider like a ton of bricks upon returning to Igen from the freak Threadfall over Keroon.
Post-Fall Pensées (Une Vignette) December 19, 2013 Yules After the unexpected Fall at Keroon, Yules is caught in her own thinking.
Without Wings (Vignette) December 19, 2013 Nora The first Fall, from Nora's perspective.
Together (Vignette) December 19th, 2013 T'ral, Esanth Another long day in the aftermath of the surprise Fall comes to a close.
Aftermath of Thread (Vignette) December 19th, 2013 S'kyre-and-I'tani S'kyre reflects on his first encounter with Thread, and I'tani suggests they celebrate staying alive.
All Fun and Games.. December 17th, 2013 S'kyre and Atsusath Atsusath pulls his shoulder, S'ky spends the night in the infirmary instead of finding fun.
Lost in Vacation Vig December 16, 2013 W'rin W'rin tries to work out his choice to run from the impending leadership flight.
To Each Their Own (Vignette) December 14th, 2013 Kyara, N'cal N'cal attempts to lure Kyara to Arroyo. Kyara doesn't find the idea all that tempting.
What They Asked December 13, 2013 Mienta Mienta promised something impossible.
An Old Man Growls December 8, 2013 G'deon A moment of G'deon's stream of consciousness, caught in text.
Graduation Bound (Vignette) December 4th, 2013 T'ral, Esanth Esanth and T'ral get ready for Graduation!