==== September 18, 2013
==== Eggs arrive on the Sands; a decree is made.

OOC Date September 18, 2013
Summary Eggs arrive on the Sands; a decree is made.


With much pomp and circumstance, Ofrovth made her way to the sands around mid-afternoon. All eyes were on the hatching grounds as egg after egg was laid. Finally, well after twilight had overtaken Igen, the Senior gold dragon of the desert Weyr had proclaimed herself done. A cheer sounded throughout the galleries as one of the largest clutches to grace Igen's sands has arrived!

Thirty three perfect eggs lay gleaming as a smug and pleased Corelle looked on! Igen is in pure celebration mode, numerous congratulations being sent to W'rin and Valiuth for fathering such a magnificent clutch.

It has been declared from the moment the last egg was laid that no gold egg rests on the sands. The moment those words left Corelle's mouth, so did a decree. NO females will be Searched for her clutch! Traditionalist to the core, Corelle has demanded that only boys will be allowed to set foot on her sands unless there was a gold egg. Without it, no females are allowed.

Females at Search age are already complaining about not getting their fair shot. Though other Weyrs are sending word of congrates to Igen Weyr for such a solid plan for Igen's new Weyrleader's first clutch. Already there are bets about how many bronzes are surely in those eggs!

OOC: That's right! Ofrovth's eggs have arrived and Corelle has laid down the law! So if you are a female of Search appropriate age, feel free to complain about the injustice! If your a guy? Talk about how great it is to have that Y chromosome! And as always, keep your eyes peeled for more stuff going on here at Igen! The fun has ONLY just began!

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