==== November 3, 2013
==== A gold goes up, another raid occurs in the Bazaar, and Igen Staff has a restructuring proposal!

OOC Date November 3, 2013
Summary A gold goes up, another raid occurs in the Bazaar, and Igen Staff has a restructuring proposal!

What's New

Igen Staff has proposed a major shift in our PC wing setup, with the retirement of Sandblast and Parhelion and the introduction of Arroyo: please read 20 and 21 on *igen for details, and then @vote in the tallybox located in the Inner Caverns! The vote will go through Friday, November 8.

Plot Hooks / TP Updates

The Inevitable Pursuit

The Spinner Queen has been milking her glowing hide for days now, collecting gifts (of brains, and other soft organ meats) from would-be suitors amongst the Weyr's bronzes and browns. She has teased, and she has tested. In the way of golds, the buildup has been slow; in the way of Elicheritath, it has been subtle, and also just kind of weird and unsettling.

(Already grounded after Operation: Make Corelle Cry, the human half has spent most of her time holed up in her weyr, making rude personal remarks at anyone foolish enough to venture near.)

But the inevitable has finally occurred: Elicheritath has risen! Though the gold has shown a preference in the past for browns, it was a bronze who caught this time around, after a long and frustrating chase: E'pha's Hzrath.

Though the looming Pass makes any clutch welcome, it must be admitted the timing of this one could perhaps be better — relations between Igen's exceedingly Nowtimer Senior and her defiant Oldtimer juniors are icy at best, and the Weyr's political wonks are already predicting fireworks if Corelle flexes her Senior's prerogative and tries to keep girls off the Sands for Elicheritath's eggs, as she tried (and failed) with her own clutch.

OOC: This is an NPC clutch, designed to provide background flavor to the Weyr! As such, it will NOT be part of a formal Search process, but WILL be a possible point-of-origin for insta-weyrlings in late November. Please contact Igen staff for further information if interested!

Another Raid in the Bazaar!

Where other raids of businesses in the Bazaar have occurred during busy events, with many witnesses, the most recent was conducted practically under cover. When the great golden Spider Queen took to the skies, the Pit shooed its patrons out and attempted to close the doors- only to find them pushed open again by Igen's guards.

Facts are scarce on the ground but rumors are Legion: Mama Steen was heard bellowing bloody murder from as far away as the Bowl; Mama Steen was taken to the infirmary with chest pains again; Mama Steen brained three guards and was tackled by a fourth; the Pit's books were all carried away; nothing was taken but threats were made; there was a bloody sparring match between guards and Pit fighters which left several participants in the infirmary. Which is truth, which is false? The Steen family isn't talking and given the confusion (and distraction!) of a goldflight occurring at the same time, finding the true story will take much effort.

What is known for certain is that the guards left not long after Elicheritath fell within Hzrath's supportive embrace, and the Pit has remained closed, the Steens withdrawing to their cluster of caverooms within Igen's living complex.

What is likely is that Mama Steen is probably not in a very good mood, for the foreseeable future.

OOC: Questions? Feel free to page Maryam!

Notable Scenes This Week

Please Welcome These New Players!

Meztli (Trader/Cook)
Imarelle (Weyrfolk)
Liselle (Weyrfolk)