==== January 7, 2014
==== RP Challenge — Change to the Archive Library

OOC Date January 7, 2014
Summary Introduction of a new RP challenge, and gossip about the archive library!

What's New

It's not evident, at first, whether the changes in the archive library at Southern are being headed by the kitchenstaff or the goldriders; but changes there are!

It has been a while since that area of the weyr has seen any useful documentation — most books and scrolls in there, now, are of fiction or purposed for entertainment. Since all of the current documents have been moved under the careful eye of guards, the archive library has been a cozy area to gather and do seated chores — mending or folding or needlework — and socialize.

But now, sheets have been posted: amateurs, wannabe Harpers, or exiled Harpers are welcome to come and show their stuff every third evening! This 'open mic' coincides with the kitchens rolling out dozens of new klah drinks — lattes and the like — which are available for the patrons of the archive library… for a nominal fee, of course.

Rumor has it that it's becoming a lively (largely non-alcoholic) rival to The Tipsy Kitten, and far more entertaining.

Plot Hooks / TP Updates

That's right. Holidays are over, people are back, and THAT MEANS…. a random RP challenge!

January's first RP challenge will be: MEET AND GREET IN THE ARCHIVE LIBRARY. Find a character on the game your character has never interacted with and hit up our cafe-style Archive Library! This is a GREAT time to dust off alts that may be unused, or to coax out-area folks to enjoy Southern's hospitality! ICly, through the duration of January, the cooks will be circling with specialty klah beverages throughout the Archive Library to support the beginning of "live music"/"amateur night". Bring out your wannabe Harpers or just come out to enjoy the doubtless-to-be-entertaining crowds!

Be sure to tag any challenge scenes from this challenge with "sw_challenge" and "meetandgreet"!