==== January 13, 2014
==== This weekly update includes announcing upcoming player events and the continuation of the RP Challenge as well as trying a new way of TP involvement!

OOC Date January 13, 2014
Summary This weekly update includes welcoming new people, announcing upcoming player events and the continuation of the RP Challenge!

What's New

Jiamoth's Maiden Flight: January 18th, 6PM PST/9pm EST!

Subject: Upcoming Greenflight!

Nature waits for no man (or green), and the time has come for Jiamoth to rise! It's not like she needed all four paws to hit maturity, right? And since she's recovered from infection and regained some of her strength, all systems are go! It isn't going to be the smoothest or longest of flights but hopefully she makes up for that with sheer determination- she's still just like other greens, darn it! She can do this!

Miss Jiamoth will be going up on Saturday, January 18th, at 9pm EST. All pursuers are welcome, be they PC or NPC! Anyone can win this one so c'mon down!

Khalyssrielth's Flight: Taking Intereset!

It's ABOUT time for Khalyssrielth to go up in her first ever PC flight — sometime in the next month or so. With that in mind, I'm trying to gauge interest in who may want to come out for such a thing! It would be an OPEN FLIGHT, not predetermined; the only restriction timewise would be in deference to my amazing PD, who prefers weeknights American for this kinda shindig.

So what am I looking for? Anyone (PC bronze- or brownriders, or anyone interested in NPCing one) who is possibly interested in coming out! @send me your general time preference. We'll probably be looking at the last week of this month or the first week of February, depending!


Insta Candidate Opportunity!

As an addendum to the previous post, Khalyssrielth's flight will kick off the first official NPC cycle of the year — which means we will be accepting both insta weyrlings AND insta candidates sometime around the end of February or beginning of March!

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to Impress a PC character without going through the rigor of PC search, or those who wish to have in effect a Southern insta but with a bit of screen time on them beforehand. Please check out the wiki for details, or ping any available staff members!

Disclaimer: All Impressees of insta weyrlings/insta candidates are responsible for writing their own dragon and will not receive a staff/WLM-guided weyrlinghood. This is to say, plainly, that any insta-c/weyrlings will not receive written inspirations or have WLM support: if you play an impressionable-aged candidate character and want either or both of those, please keep your eyes out for our 2014 search cycle which will kick off in early August!

Plot Hooks / TP Updates

PSA: TPs & Involvement!

I wanted to send a little PSA on TPs here at Southern! Namely, identifying Personal TPs and Area TPs and how to get involved and participate in both!


  • What are these?
    • These are any TPs that don't affect the area; these are TPs that affect your character only. Generally speaking, your character is your own to play with! However, if something you do would have ICCs (In Character Consequences), it's always a good idea to run it by staff just to ensure continuity! ICCs don't always mean punative action; merely the consequences that would arise from whatever TP you want to enjoy with your character! Other than that, Personal TPs are run by the players who are involved. A good example of a Personal TP is the discovery/migration of the Harper Harpsichord!


  • With the start of the new year, we are going to be jump starting our TPs! Yay! And with that we are optioning two ways to get involved!
    • Option A: Interested in a TP prompt? Want to run your own scene and involve other folks? We are opening up an option to get a scene prompt from Staff for you to run!
      • What does this mean? This means that players can @send *sws interested in a TP (aka, let's say PlayerA wants to do Ghost Ship stuff) and they choose "Option A". We will send back a prompt for the player to run with. An example prompt could be: "You find a ship in a cave/inlet/etc. Scraps of paper, chains, and bones are on this ship. Find whichever would make sense for the scene!" This way, the player who wants to run with it can choose however they want to drive the scene.
    • Option B: Joining in a Staff-Run ST Scene! This would function a lot like the finding of the bones during our last Candidacy. It would be coordinated with Staff so that multiple members can be invovled (to avoid one person trying to coordinate a big scene by themselves) and will be held bi-monthly according to interest. This way we can get more folks involved, in a more regular pattern. If you choose "Option B", the limitation will be on Staff's availability (hence the bi-monthly option) and coordinating with all interested folks.

You can opt for both A & B! You have a limit of one prompt request per week (this is to allow for progression and for others to find things / get prompts!) per TP.

Questions? @send *sws!

Scene Challenge Logs

There have been 5 SW Challenge scenes this year.

Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Getting to Know You January 8, 2013 Jithan, Krissi, Nathanael, Sori, Tilla, Devarl (NPC) Nathanael shows Krissi the weyr! And Krissi gets to meet a lot of new folk in the Library.
Of Grubs and Greetings January 08, 2014 Tilla, T'ral Tilla and T'ral make their acquaintance in the Archives.
Unfinished Stories January 9th, 2014 Sh'ro, T'ral Serval Wingriders get to know each other a little better.
Meeting Friends(?) in the Library January 11, 2014 Yules, Iain, and B'ruka B'ruka runs into Yules in the Archive Library, and Iain helps them get along. Not.
Two 'riders and a Woodcrafter January 12, 2014 Arianne, Krissi, Yules An encounter in the Archive Library