==== September 18, 2013
==== This weekly update includes welcoming new people, announcing the clutching and opening of IC Search!

OOC Date September 18, 2013
Summary This weekly update includes welcoming new people, announcing the clutching and opening of IC Search, and the fourth (and FINAL) Southern Weyr Scene Challenge

What's New

A Clutch is Laid: IC Search is ON

Beneath the waning light of Pern's moons, tossed upon the cloudy seas as ghostly galleons to haunt the spring-night, Southern's white-gold queen took to the sands, finally. As folk gathered in the dimly lit galleries, with glow light strewn out like dappled lanterns, the pale queen wound her way across the sands laying each egg carefully. As the tally came to an end (just as Lendai was cursing the presence of a perfectly formed platform on the sands and making out with hot brown riders named Jesha), the number of eggs lain is announced as: 42.

What does this mean? Why it means that is now the official start of Southern's IC Search! If you are an applicant, get thee out into public! Search folk will be out and about nabbing up enough Candidates, ICly, to sink one of the ghost ships!

Questions? Comments? @send *junglesearch or nab a member of SearchCo (anyone with 'SpookCo' in their @doing).

Also, Southern's SearchCo wants to give a BIG HAND OF APPLAUSE for all of the egg writers! We received a bunch and they were all awesome! Thank you!

~Hannah & Dhiammarath
« I'm not kidding. If I see that woman on my Sands I am going to eat her, and be damned to indigestion for the rest of my life. »

The Scene Challenge: WEEK FOUR

A little belated, but late is better than never: we've completed our THIRD RP CHALLENGE and are rolling on into our fourth and FINAL week of RP challenges for Southern's Shutting Down The Summer RP challenge countdown!

Please check out http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/system:page-tags/tag/sw_whambam#pages for all logs completed, posted and tagged of the last challenge… mad props to Nathanael, Sytin, Dimitri, Veda, El'ai, C'ren, Jayanti, Safra, and V'dean for participating!

What is our NEXT CHALLENGE you ask? Well, our NEXT and FINAL challenge is going to drive one particular weyrwoman BONKERS… that's right, our final challenge is to use 'mutter' at the end of every pose! Inferno mode challenge is to only use mutter for all verbal communication in a more-than-two-people scene… and to not cheat and let everyone else know what your character is saying!

Have fun, guys, and as always tag any challenge scenes with 'sw_challenge' and 'sw_speakup'!

Plot Hooks / TP Updates

As IC Search wraps up… keep an eye out on what may or may not be happening! Not only did Th'seus, Cerise, and Jedi stumble upon a ghost ship, but so did Mailli!

Please Welcome These New Players!

Aife, M'rgin, K'nan, M'aal

Notable Scenes This Week

Scene Challenge Logs

There have been 2 SW Challenge scenes this year.

Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Mutter Ado About Nothing September 18th, 2013 Donner, Sytin, Dimitri, Safra Grumbling and name calling. Sweet and surly Candidates and a worn-out weyrling.
Threats and Promises September 18th, 2013 Jedi, Jesha, V'dean "This is how I die." Some adult themes. Don't say I didn't warn you.