==== October 1, 2013
==== This weekly update includes welcoming new people, announcing the new Staff, and the opening of Insta Candidate Applications!

OOC Date October 1, 2013
Summary This weekly update includes welcoming new people, announcing the new Staff, and the opening of Insta Candidate Applications!

What's New

We Invite Your Feedback!

Hi all!

In HT's Reboot one of the things that we're trying (both Igen and Southern) is a weyr-at-large commenting system on Candidates! So what we have handy for you is a way for you to record your feed back on the PC Candidates of Southern Weyr! Please, please, /please/ keep it constructive! This is not a forum to be used to defame anyone. The comments are only readable by SearchCo.

How do you comment? It's simple: @cand-com -> this will bring up a list of all PC Candidates! Choose the Candidate that you want to leave your comment on, and follow the prompts.

SEARCHCO & CANDIDATES: Please refrain from using this system as this is more for weyr residents to give input!

Please note that we have the wizards checking for duplicates and/or alt abuse!

Good Morning Southern Weyr!

Please give a very warm thanks to Nika, who has done a wonderful job on Staff in the last 6 months! Carried us through the opening and the various TPs we've done! She's definitely still around, however, so now that she's not swamped in Staff stuff, bug her for a scene! She's done well by us, the weyr! Never fear, you'll see her helping spearhead Igen Weyr now!

While Nika may be stepping down from Staff, we have another stepping UP! Shadow to Th'seus, daughter to Jesha, it's none other than the LOVELY Jedi! Everyone give her a warm welcome, console her, throw confetti! We are very excited to have her joining the team! Your Southern Staff is now composed of: Jedi, Bailey, and Hannah! Southern Weyr Staff's new changeover date is April 1, 2014! If you're interested in Southern Staff, remember we have as many as 5 slots available! Check out our policies before the next changeover!

Have TP ideas? Want to get involved in our current TPs? @send *sws!

Insta Candidate Applications are OPEN!

Have you ever wanted to play a weyrling but didn't want to go through the hassle of Search, of not knowing if you were going to Impress, of not having control over what kind of dragon you Impressed, but still wanting some slice of Candidate life? Well what we are trying out here in Southern is the concept of Insta Candidates!

To find out more about Insta Candidates, check out the wiki here: http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/southern-search! If you are interested, follow the instructions here: http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/southern-insta-cand!

Please Note:

  • Insta Gold Candidates are not going to be accepted. (There is no gold in this clutch.)
  • Insta Bronze Candidates are a potential limited offering. Apps will still be taken, but we cannot guarantee availability.

The application for Insta Candidates will run from 10/1/2013 - 10/08/2013!

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to page Hannah or Bailey or @send *junglesearch!

Plot Hooks / TP Updates

  • Candidates went in, Candidates came out; but Nora, Bailey, and Hannah did not expect them to uncover an ancient wall that hid an avalanche of herdbeast bones! Just WHAT is wrong with this weyr?!

Please Welcome These New Players!

Drevar, Nevelyn, Aleile, Taralde,

Vacation Notices!

  • Hannah will be out from 10/3-10/10.

Notable Scenes This Week!