==== October 22, 2013
==== This weekly update includes welcoming new people, RP updates, and more!

OOC Date October 22, 2013
Summary This weekly update includes welcoming new people, RP updates, and more!

What's New

A Bonfire on the Sands?

In the wee early morning an alarm went out! Fire! There was a fire! Or rather, there was. The smoldering remains of the proud platform that once sat proudly upon the hatching ground sands now lays in complete destruction. Still, small flames licked at the remains of wood, causing the residents of the Weyr to bring buckets of water to soak the heated sands and douse any remaining flare ups. Not a single piece of wood was able to be reused, so truly destructive was the force of the fire. After a massive clean up once the charred remains had been cleaned up, a dark sooty spot taints the sands. Already there is talk of getting the bad sand out and bringing in new before any other queen dragons have need of the hatching grounds.

A major cleaning of the entire caverns is being seen to as well, to help air out the scent of smoke that the fire unleashed. Cushions being washed and rewashed, seats being scrubbed. From top to bottom! The lower caverns workers are already complaining with the new burst of work heaped onto their shoulders mere days after the massive hatching fest!

Still… one question remains. How did the fire start? Some are whispering that they had seen numerous women dancing wildly around the flames, though that story comes from the mouth of a drunk. So it's hard to be believed. Others say it was an angered Smith, vengeful over such a silly use of precious wood. And some? Some say it had to be someone who truly, and completely, did not want that platform there. Names are dropped, some quite high ranking, but no one has stepped forward, and no one will, to claim to be the mastermind of this crime.

One thing is clear. As the cleaning efforts got underway, Senior Weyrwoman Lendai made the decree, as she herself helped sweep up the sands, that no other platform will be allowed on Southern Weyr's sands. They have been deemed unlucky. Should any attempts be made to make another, there will be punishable actions taken upon the builder.

Plot Hooks / TP Updates

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Please Welcome These New Players!


Notable Scenes This Week

Weyrling Challenge Logs

Want to see how the first night after Impression is? The weyrlings were tasked with writing a vignette about that first night after Impression — through their lifemate's POV.

There have been 5 SW Challenge scenes this year.

Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Raxsonath's Midnight Adventure October 23, 2013 Raxsonath, D'cen A little… exploring, sort of. On hatching night.
Captain's Log - Day 1 (Vignette) October 23rd, 2013 Esanth, T'ral Esanth assesses the evening and his new surroundings.
Desmeth's First Night October 24, 2013 Desmeth, Yules Desmeth wakes up in the middle of his… sleep, and reassures himself the Hatching happened. Yules sleeps through it.
Lightning (Vignette) October 23, 2013 Cerise, Jiamoth A life's first night seen with new eyes. (Jiamoth Vig)
Born of Accident (Vignette) October 24th D'tri, Chorzeczoyth Chorzeczoyth's first day, and the exploring of its possibilities under (the lack of) supervision of the ill-prepared D'tri.


We say a fond farewell to Aaron, who's decided to take an HT Hiatus. We had fun with you while you were here in Southern and we wish you all the best and hope that you return to us! Good luck and good journeys! Come back someday!

~Southern Weyr.