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Name: Willimina
ID Number: #27822
Pronunciation: Will-ih-mihna
Nicknames or Aliases: Willa (preferred), Willi, Limi, Mina
Symbol The tree, because a tree can weather any storm, and represents strength and stability


Appearance: A dancer's frame is what would generally be ascribed to Willimina. Her skin is sun kissed, bronzed and smooth, despite the hours stuck in Rukbat's rays. Her brunette hair shines in shades of mahogany and chocolate and has natural cherry undertones. It hangs in wild curls down to her muscular waist, soon to be rounding as she has the glow of early pregnancy about her, perhaps even beginning to show the tiniest bit. Her hips are wide and her bust is full, but what really draws people is her face. Wide, almond shaped chocolate brown eyes stare out from underneath long, thick lashes. Her face is oval shaped with high cheekbones and a small chin. Her nose is pleasant and sits above lush lips, ready for kissing. Her limbs are long and willowy, ending in dainty hands and feet, though both are rough from long days of hard work.

Wearing In favor of her wedding colors, Willimina has chosen a wardrobe that reflects red and gold, and screams of her Zingari heritage. She has also returned to her dancer roots. In a color so red it could be deemed the color of fresh blood on sand, a skirt hangs from her waist, clinging to womanly curves recently returned to perfection. It is an elegant thing, swirling about her ankles like liquid smoke with her every movement. A belt of golden disks tinkles merrily at her waist in cahoots with the bells at her ankles. A top so lacking in material as to almost be indecent graces her top, a matching scarlet to the skirt below. It covers only her breasts, with an empire waist band at the bottom, leaving her muscular abdomen quite bare. It has wispy sleeves that hang off her shoulder and no lower than her ample bosom. This top is trimmed in gold, with little red beads that hang from the bottom. Simple sandles grace her feet and a shiny new wedding ring graces her left ring finger, clearly marking her as //taken. Simple gold colored bracelets jingle at her wrists, completing her colorful outfit.
Willimina wears the knot of the Zingari Caravan Leader

Accessories: //Willimina constantly wears a host of silver bracelets and anklets, and hooped earrings, and now a shiny new wedding ring

Equipment: Willimina often has a rucksack on her back, full of her equipment, thinks like food, knives and healing supplies.

Self-Confidence: Willimina has loads of confidence in herself when it comes to her Dancing and her capability to throw a knife, but she wavers constantly on the subject of being a leader, constantly worrying that she is failing her people in one way or another.
Traumas: Willimina lost her mother to thread fall in Keroon, she lost her father to depression, booze and disease, and It is well known that Willimina lost her first husband to murder. It was the first event in a long line of events she had to survive. A plague like disease took out half her people in the desert.

Primary Objective:

Willimina strives to be the best caravan leader she can be. Her primary objective in all things is the health and care of her people. Willimina wants to be a leader of legendary proportions, a leader that will be remembered in all of Zingari history. She hopes to take on the helm of Matriarch someday and to pass her rank on to her daughter Lillia.

Secondary Objectives:

Willimina hopes to open up good trade with all weyrs in the northern hemisphere, making the Zingari a rich, and comfortable people
Priorities: Willimina's priorities will always align themselves with the best interests of her husband, children and people.
Motivation: Willimina is motivated to be a better leader than her father, Baomos, who whored and drank the caravan's wealth away in his last days. She is determined to prove she can lift the caravan to new heights.


Greatest Achievement: Marrying Tallel
Second Greatest Achievement Bringing the mother caravan back from the brink of extinction, with the help of Tallel, Melusine and Timotin.
Third Greatest Achievement Aboloshing the arranged marriage laws within the Zingar and opening the Zingari ranks to outsiders.
Side Accomplishment Building an Impressive Spy network.


Quirks: Willimina is fiery, passionate, sweet, loving, doesn't trust easily and has an air of exotic darkness about her.
Dominant Hand: Willimina is right handed
Musical Instruments: Willimina plays the guitar and violin
Weapons Willa favors boot knives and throwing knives
Specialty Willimina's specialty talent is Dancing
Secondary Talents: She also has talent with fortune telling, acting and playing instruments

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Morality is never something that is black or white, but Willa tries to lean more to the side of good. Though there are less than moral activities that she will turn a blind eye to if it profits her people.
Etiquette: Willimina is respectful to riders and those above her rank within the weyrs, however, that does not mean that she recognizes their authority. Being a trader, she is beholden to no one weyr, so things are different in her eyes.
Attitude: Willimina is generally a happy and pleasant person to be around.
Taboos: Willimina has been known to avoid some of her people's traditions, but she would never marry outside her people, that is very taboo in the eyes of her people.

Social Characteristics

Communication: Willimina communicates differently with different people. With her own people, she is open and candid, with outsiders she is clipped and suspicious.
Criminal Record: Willimina has none so to speak, but that does not mean her slate is clean either.
Ego: When it comes to being a dancer, or being Zingari, Willimina has an ego the size of Pern, but in all other dealings she seems to be humble and polite.


Willa was born to a Romani style trader caravan, The Zingari, which, at the time, was located at Ista Hold. Her grandmother Ethelinda, runs her son's caravan like a gold dragon in her prime. She grew up amongst this shining throng of players, learning to dance, to play act and to read fortunes. She was also taught how to pick-pocket, swindle and otherwise relieve the populace of their marks. They traveled Pern all her life. She is an adult now, immersed in the culture of her people and ready for life.

Sometime after Willa turned 18, Her father Baomos moved the Caravan to the sandy hills of Igen Weyr and to the horror of some of his people, made the move permanent. The nomadic group was suddenly sedentary. During this time, Willa used her brains and smarts to show her capabilities for running the caravan, she also used this time to worm her way out of her arranged marriage and into one of her choosing.

She wed Ephraim, great nephew to Merivel and the best thing that ever happened to her. She got two short turns with her husband, and a newborn baby daughter, before Ephraim was murdered during a robbery and taken from her. In the three months after Willimina managed to take over the caravan from her father, start a war with a gold rider over unsafe caverns, and to barely keep her people's heads above water after the string of unfortunate events that preceded her husband's murder and continued after.

She welcomed Zingari from sister clans to bolster her clan's numbers and in the process, perhaps figured out that life isn't worth living alone.

Many new faces came to the caravan when Willa moved it from Igen and they were struck by disease, many died, and now, there are many new faces.

Willa made the trek back to Igen with her caravan and began the process of healing their damages, and their ghosts. The caravan now thrives in the caravan grounds of Igen, rebuilding on the ashes of the past. Ephraim's murderer was eventually caught and sent ::between:: for his crimes.

Willa now lives happily and has found love again in the arms of the tawny eyed Tallel, and has born him a son, Taimin, and three daughters, Taliana, Ailie and Aleeta.