Z'bor had a total of 3 scenes in April 2018.


Z'bor had a total of 6 scenes in May 2018.


Z'bor had a total of 8 scenes in June 2018.


Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
What? You too? 17 Mar 2019 04:00

Z'bor, Alyna

Z'bor and Alyna realize they have more than the fact they are both greenriders in common.

Candidate Camping: IN THE RAIN! 12 Mar 2019 06:00

Z'bor, H'ter(npc), G'ther(npc), Novi, Rhuordian, Roheis, Ryott, Ulrika

Z'bor and two wingmates take the candidates camping in some AWFUL weather. Time to sink or swim candies!

Proddy Dragons Everywhere! 20 Feb 2019 07:00

Alyna, Z'bor, Ozriath, R'zel, Verokanth

In which Alyna is in the late stages of proddiness, Z'bor and Ozriath are in the beginning stages and R'zel freezes his arse off while Verokanth flirts.

Seriously! When Did The LC Become A Firelizard Nursery??? 18 Feb 2019 07:00

Z'bor, Ginger, Feodora

Idle chit chattery in the LC. Firelizards babies are abound, again.

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Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Later That Night... 27 Jan 2019 07:00

Evka, Brayden(NPC)

BACK-SCENE: Takes place the night of Steps Forward. Evka goes on a date with Brayden and rediscovers things she thought long dead and buried. It's a step further forward for a woman who's been guarded and alone for a very long time.

Lunch Chat 14 Oct 2018 04:00

Alyna, Evka, Idara, Kodi, R'zel

Lunchtime is busy in the Living Caverns, but it's still a good time to catch up.

The Hard Way Down {Vignette} 28 Jul 2018 06:00


Serval's wingleader suffers more than Threadscore during a surprise 'Fall.

Plant Life 20 Jun 2018 23:00

Ginger, Kyriatis

Candidates versus the Weed from Hell.

Candidate Bingo Log.

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