Common Knowledge

* The Zingari are known for their wide variety of entertainments.

* They are famous for some of the seedier entertainments on Pern, such as gambling, and promiscuity, if you know who to ask.

* They offer a wide variety of goods.

* While outsiders used to be unwelcome in the Zingari Clans, Willimina has put an end to this. Any who can prove themselves an asset to the caravan are welcome to join.

* They are exotic, have an air of danger, are superstitious and curious to those who are not familiar with them.

* The Zingari are a Caravan of multiple family clans, each Caravan train is run by a different Clan. The four main clans seen on camera are: The Haeyleri (Mother Clan, Head Clan), The Kheeriin, The DauDin and the Armida.