The Gossip Mill

"Willimina had her twins, both girls. They announced the names this morning! Aleeta and Ailie. Both so Precious."

* "One would think she intends to litter the weyr with her offspring."

* "Who says she isn't?"

"Reveka sure has been scarce around camp since we came back from the steppes. Her baby should be due soon."

* "Is she fostering the child, since she can't wed the father?"

* "Who Knows? Shells, her own father won't even speak to her. It's a shame, she had such potential as a Dancer. I hear Willimina was going to give her the lead."

* "No! Poor Thing."

* "Poor thing? She wouldn't have been in this mess had she been smart about it."

"Did you hear? Daenerys impressed? To a beautiful green. He's now En'rys."