The Gossip Mill

"Milosh and Echo seem to be getting even closer. Did you hear they've moved into a yurt together? That seems awfully quick, but did you see them at Javid and Aztrexia's wedding? They could hardly keep their eyes or hands off each other. What an odd match, but they seem happy enough."

"Did you hear about that Leatherworker Daenerys and Reveka? They seem to be spending an awful lot of time in each other's yurts singing each other's praises. I give it less than a month and I bet she's pregnant! And so young and unwed…how scandalous."

"My my, Willimina is showing so much and only half way along, wonder if she's carrying twins?"

"Javid and Aztrexia's wedding was lovely. Heard they disappeared into the desert for a few days after. Wonder where they honeymooned?"