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The Zingari have had 892 scenes since creation in 2015. Not including old format or improperly tagged logs.


On Camera History

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Giving Into Temptation 14 Jul 2018 04:00

Ryott, Th'res, Varli

Escaping a typical Igen sandstorm, Ryott comes across a temptation too great in Th'res, and Varli's timing is impeccable.

Gut Feelings (vig) 12 Jul 2018 04:00


Ryott is conflicted and tries to find a quiet spot to do some thinking.

In the Bones 08 Jul 2018 23:00

Beris, fortune-teller (Ryott)

Beris comes across a fortune-teller in the bazaar, and wants to ask a question.

Final Report 30 Jun 2018 04:00

Divale, Ryott

Ryott reports into Divale again on her ongoing surveillance, and finds out this will be the last time.

Brooding Interrupted 27 Jun 2018 04:00

Diem, Ryott

Ryott's brooding when Diem comes across her at Crater Lake.

Second Chance at Happiness 27 Jun 2018 04:00

Echo, Milosh, Tallel, Greer (NPC midwife)

Echo and Milosh welcome the arrival of their first child.
Backdated about 2 IC months

An Early Morning Show (Zymuraith's Clutching - Galleries View) 09 Jun 2018 06:00

Alyna, D'har, Xeiri, Ibrahim, Z'bor, Rielle, Katryana, evka, Taurie

Everyone is up early and just in time to watch Zymuraith's Clutching

Consequences 08 Jun 2018 04:00

Divale, Ryott

The morning after We Got A Runner, Divale escorts Ryott out of the brig and to the rooftops to have a little chat.

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Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
In The Dark Of The Night 01 Jul 2018 06:00

Evka, Talya, Syrianna, Jaymes, Ginger, Katryana

Candidate Bingo: All Dialogue Scene In The dark of the night, candidates find themselves in a bout of insomnia and chat away in the wee hours until they are tired enough to sleep again.

A New Adventure 18 Jun 2018 06:00

evka, Amani

Reveka seeks out Amani in the wake of her choice to remain at Southern. Amani offers an unexpected way forward.

Checking Up On Rumors 13 Jun 2018 05:00

Zaria, En'rys

Zaria and En'rys meet up in the Bowl.

She Just Wants to Be Ok {Vignette} 13 Jun 2018 06:00


Reveka writes home, and the letters written are the hardest ones she's ever written in her life.

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