PC Affiliates

PC Caravan Members

Number Name Icon Rank Blurb
01 Willimina Willa_8.jpg Caravan Leader Willimina strives to be the best caravan leader she can be. Her primary objective in all things is the health and care of her people. Willimina wants to be a leader of legendary proportions, a leader that will be remembered in all of Zingari history. She hopes to take on the helm of Matriarch someday and to pass her rank on to her daughter Lillia.
02 Tallel Tallel12.jpg Caravan Second Willimina's husband and one of the Zingari's main healers, Tallel joined the mother caravan along with his aunt, Melusine, after receiving their plea for help while they were wandering the desert. He's also an illusionist of no small talent and one of the only male belly dancers ever to be seen among the clans. His primary focus is to stand with the woman he loves in all things and to be there for his people in whatever capacity he's needed, be it as leader, healer, or entertainer.
03 Javid javid_default.jpg Spymaster/Player/Jongleur Javid joined the mother clan from the Armida during the 5th Turn of the 12th Pass. While a talented player and jongleur, he is, above all, a gifted spy, enough for S'ayde and Willimina to entrust him with the rank of Spymaster. Charming and affable but guarded, he is Zingari through and through…but who has he been to the rest of the world since his arrival?
04 Aztrexia Aztrexia_12.jpg Caravan Drudge, former Spy Adept The half-breed child of a non-zingari affair, Aztrexia was raised being treated like a non-person, ignored or outright looked down upon. The Zingari didn't take well to their women having affairs outside the people. Raised on the outskirts of her clan, Aztrexia's life was a dull one, that is, until she was swept up by the Armida clan and trained to be a spy. Life is led and choices made, and Aztrexia's choices got her stripped of her spy rank and her life is at a tipping point. No telling which way she'll go at this point.
05 Igraine igraine_default.jpg Ex-Spy Adept, Escort and Healer A Zingari healer who trained alongside S’ayde to become a spy adept. S’ayde and Igraine are very close, however; though it may seem like there’s more going on behind closed doors, the pair are very much like brother and sister and the thought would never cross their minds. She is as lethal with her boot knives as she is apt to save a life with her healing skills. She’s a master of poisons and isn’t above using her beauty and feminine wiles to get what she wants. Rarely does this woman pay for anything. Recently she retired from the spy life to chase something a bit more…domestic
06 Zisiene zisiene_default.jpg Spyling/Performer Former fosterling of Ravene, Zisiene spent a short bit of time as a baker's apprentice. When her brother died, it did not sit well with the apprentice. When she did acknowledge his death, Zisiene would blame Ravene, or pretty much anyone that holds Rank. She ran from the truth, and this led her down a path that eventually ended with her being accepted into the Zingari Caravan. Talents the girl brings to her new home is knife throwing, dancing, and general skulking about looking like something easily ignored.
07 Bonifas bonifas_default.jpg Spyling/Performer Bonifas was born into the Zingari Mother clan. His mother was one of those who died during the sickness in the desert at the beginning of the pass, but he had plenty of aunts to help care for him and his childhood was pretty much as typical as anyone growing up in a Zingari caravan can be. He did the typical rounds about the caravan trying to see what skills he was best at it turned out to be sleight of hand and tumbling. He also started training as a spyling as well.
08 Reveka reveka_default.jpg Contortionist/Dancer Reveka was born to the mother clan and has only known Willimina's way of doing things. She's a free spirit, most always happy, adventurous and maybe just a little reckless. She likes to perform, flirt and enjoy the more taboo pleasures in life.
09 Timotin timotin_default.jpg Weaver/Bodygaurd Timotin was born to the mother clan, a son of Willimina's aunt. He is Willa's cousin and strictly devout to her and her cause. He adores her children.
10 Milosh milosh_default.jpg Zingari Spy Adept/Prostitute/Actor Milosh was born in The Great Central Desert to the Armida Zingari. He grew up in the spy based clan and was trained as a spy s well. He became an adept at the age of 22 turns and has been freelance ever since. He traveled to the mother clan with the Armida and has had a fairly warm welcome since his arrival.
11 Ziniel ziniel_default.jpg —- PLEASE FILL ME OUT
12 Daenerys daenerys_default.jpg Leatherworker A former Journeyman Tanner posted to Igen Weyr and the son of a now-deceased Oldtimer bronzerider, Daenerys opted to formally sever ties with the Craft and satisfy the itch to wander with the Zingari. His reasons are many, and mostly unrevealed. Some speculate it's to escape the expectations of those who believe the children of dragonriders always Impress. Others speculate he's escaping some deep, dark secret. The truth? Perhaps the Zingari know, perhaps they dont; whatever the case, the young leatherworker is now safely among a people for whom the Traditions hold no meaning. Known to be skilled with various blades and tracking, among other things never spoken about.


If you choose to use an NPC in a scene, PLEASE try to remember to post the log so that we can all keep true to the 'voices' of the NPC's. Also, so that those others of us that use them can be aware of their actions and whereabouts. Also while it would be great to find homes for our adoptables, we highly encourage making your own character and concept. Played By's on Adoptable Characters are totally subject to change if they are adopted, we are not stuck on them, just wanted to give them faces for rp purposes
Member Rank Specialty Played By Image Adoptable Y/N
Ethelinda Zingari Matriarch Story Weaver N/A Ethelinda_1.jpg N
Theodosia Ethel's Twin Jeweler N/A Ethelinda_1.jpg Y
Melusine Healer/Dancer Healer/Dancer Veresch (owned by) Melusine.jpg N
Dayne (Twin) (Owned By S'ayde) Knife Thrower Pick Pocketing Elvis Presley Dayne.jpg N
Esmara (Twin) (Owned By S'ayde) Fortune Teller Nanny Angel Dark Esmara.jpg N
Celesti (Owned By S'ayde) Actress Story Weaver Lolita Flores Celesti.jpg N
Caliban (Owned by Moanna) Dancer Dancer, Musician, Escort, and Muscle Andrew Hozier-Byrne ?format=100w N