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Coming in March 2018: Herba Peccatum : Defective Herbs, Scares and Oopses, Oh my!

The Zingari are delivered an entire shipment of defective birth control herbs. No one knows, until it's far too late and a crop of unplanned pregnancies and pregnancy scares runs through the caravan. Hope they're ready for a population boom!

Inter-Personal Plots

Regaining Trust:

Who: Aztrexia and Javid VS The Zingari Caravan

Tags: Zingari and ZingTrust

The Spy Adept Aztrexia is working her way back into her people's good graces after betraying Willimina and Tallel in the Elder's War. She's won her knot back, and most of her privileges, and she's even won the heart of Willimina's SpyMaster! She still wades through a thick wave of gossip, distrust and sideways glances. Will she remain true and tried? Or will the crush of her reputation be too much? Will Javid's love be what saves her?

Plot Logs:

The Herder and The Spy

Who: Echo and Milosh

What started out as a mutual business transaction has turned into something far more thrilling, dark and exciting than anyone could have figured. He's a cold hearted, dominating, control freak spy and she's a submissive but fiery young herder with a level head and some social anxiety issues. Great mix right? These two opposite ends attract in the oddest ways and whether or not the combination will be copacetic or gloriously explosive remains to be seen. Will he learn to love? To trust? To live? Will Beauty tame the beast? Or will all go down in glorious flames? Time can only tell.

Curiosity Killed the Cat and Satisfaction Brought Him Back

Who: Daenerys, Reveka, Xanthee

It's ALLLLLLLL Xanthee's fault, what with her (at the time) seemingly HORRIBLE matchmaking skills and the disaster of a double date, that Reveka and Daen are together at all. Wait. Back up a second. What? How the shells does horrible matchmaking turn into two people doing the exact opposite of what other's thought was going on? Who the hell knows. Or maybe. Because Cat. Either way, while they aren't a couple, they aren't not either, and it's ALL Xanthee's fault. Something Xan will proudly take her knocks for we're sure, cause she's SMUG about it all. But really, not one of the three of them knows just exactly what rewards this venture will reap, and at least two of them will end up with WAAAAAAY more than they bargained for. What's going to happen? Just wait and see.

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